Why Dye Sublimation Photo Printers?

Dye Sub Photo Printers allow you to produce high quality, photo prints at a fixed, low cost. These printers use a proven technology that has been around for years called Dye Sublimation.

Now is the time to Upgrade to Citizen

To celebrate our 30 years in business and our relationship with Citizen which is now over 15 years year old we have decided to create a very special offer for existing Mitsubishi Printer users.

We have put together a great offer which means you can own a Citizen CX-02 Printer for as little as £329.00+vat when part exchanging your Mitsubishi CP-D70DW Printer. We also accept other Mitsubishi models in part exchange.

Not only is the offer a great way to upgrade to a Citizen CX-02 printer but we will also buy back your print media as well.

Upgrade Now from only £329.00 + vat

Here are some of the many reasons to upgrade to Citizen:

  • Original Manufacturer
    Citizen make the printers they sell. Not many Photo Printer suppliers can say that.
  • Support for the latest Operating Systems
    Citizen Printers have Windows and Mac Support including Catalina and Big Sur!
  • Ongoing Support and Service Guaranteed
  • Up to Three years Warranty
    Citizen give two years warranty and we offer an optional third year for peace of mind.
  • Closely Matched Colour Profiles
    Print from a CX-02 and a CX-02W and you don’t have to worry about large colour differences.
  • Superb Opportunity to Upgrade
    Upgrade now whilst you can get a superb deal on your old equipment whilst it still has maximum value.

How does the process work?

It’s very simple, give us a call and tell us what printer you have and we will walk you through the process. Basically we need to know what condition your printer is in and how many prints it has done. This is a simple process that we can discuss on the phone. Then we can give you an upgrade price. We even can organise collecting your old printer from your and we even buy back your print media !

Can I upgrade to a 8 inch CX-02W or other Citizen Printer?

Yes, that’s no Problem, you can upgrade any Mitsubishi printer to any Citizen Printer.

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CX-02 Paper Roll / Ribbon 4x 6 inch Glossy 800 Prints (400 per roll) - 130923
0 customer review
£72.00 Exc VAT @ 20%
HiTi P750L NEW G2 6x8 Media (1000 Image Pack)
0 customer review
£182.00 Exc VAT @ 20%
HiTi P750L G2 6x4 Media (2000 Image Pack)
0 customer review
£220.00 Exc VAT @ 20%
HiTi Cleaning Kit (6x4)
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£19.95 Exc VAT @ 20%
HiTi P520/P525 NEW G2.2 7x5 Media (580 Image Pack - 145 per roll) - no tray
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Ex Demo - Mitsubishi CP3800DW Printer
0 customer review
£999.00 Exc VAT @ 20%
HiTi P510 Series Paper Box
0 customer review
£15.00 Exc VAT @ 20%
CK5000(HG) 8x12 Media
0 customer review
£87.00 Exc VAT @ 20%
PK5812(HG) 8x12 Ribbon (HG)
0 customer review
£120.00 Exc VAT @ 20%
P520L/P525L 5x7 Media G2.2
0 customer review
£110.00 Exc VAT @ 20%