Mitsubishi PS Studio

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Product Code: PSSTUDIO

PS Studio is perfect for you to create an array of  photo based products including:
Instant prints
– ID and Passport Photos
– Easygift Calendars and Albums
– Greetings Cards
and much much more!
**Please remember to download and register the software at the Mitsubishi Website**
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Mitsubishi PS Studio

Mitsubishi's photo solutions are renowned for their intuitive design, advanced software and high quality digital photos and gifts. Their latest innovation is Photosuite, a cost effective, fully featured retail software solution.

Photosuite is an easy to install and use software that is fully compatible with the latest Windows based operating systems and is suitable for all photography businesses.

This is an excellent ID solution for photographers wanting to offer additional products to their customers as it includes a Biometric Mask Feature, Multiple ID layouts, automatic adjustment and face alignment to make producing ID photos quick and easy!

The key selling points of PC Studio are:

  • Quick and Easy to install
  • PC compatiable
  • Order and printer status available in print module
  • Online activation process

This system is compatible with any red fronted Mitusbishi printer (DW-S printers), the following printers are compatible with Mitsubishi Photosuite Software: