Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S

Despite having a DW-S suffix the K60DW-S can also be used with a PC or Mac. It is based upon the popular CP-D70DW but has interesting new features. It is possible to produce two different sized prints – 6×4 and 8×6 – from the same media whilst at the same time cutting down on media wastage.

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£579.00 ex-vat

Print Media and Consumables for this printer

Dye Sub Media : Print Media FAQ’s  – How to Load Print MediaDifferent Media Sizes

The K60 prints 6×4 and 6×8 from one media type.

CK-K76RHG MediaCK-K76R(HG) 6×8 MediaPaper and Ribbon kit for a Mitsubishi K60 Printer. This media is used for either 6″x4″ prints and 8″x6″ prints from the same roll.£52.00 ex-vat
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Compatible Accessories

Not all items listed below fit the K60. Check product description for compatibility.

Mitsubishi D70 7x5 Media SpacersCP-D70/D80/D707 Paper SpacersMitsubishi D70 7×5 spacers to fit the D70 Paper Spindles. For D70/D707/D80. For use with 7×5 Media these fit onto the standard Paper Spindles£19.99 ex-vat
Cleaning Ribbon for the CP-D70, D707, D80, K60This Mitsubishi Cleaning Ribbon is designed for use with the CP-D70DW, CP-D707DW,  CP-D80DW and K60DW photo printers. This will help you clean your printer and ensure it is functioning properly.£62.00 ex-vat
6×4 Print Catcher for K60/D70/D707/D80Lightweight thin plastic 6×4 Print Catcher as supplied with the printer when new. Suitable for K60, D70, D707/D80/D90 Printers.£23.20 ex-vat
Mitsubishi D70 Clippings TrayWaste Box for K60, D70,D707,D80The waste clippings box fits on the front of the printer to collect the clippings made after each print. Fits K60, D70, D707 and D80 printers.£22.45 ex-vat
Mitsubishi D70 Ribbon TrayRibbon Tray for D70, D707, D80Ribbon Tray for the CP-D70, CP-D80, CP-D707. The tray fits the Red (DW-S) and Grey (DW) versions of these printers. This tray holds the ribbon cassette and is supplied with the printer. Suitable for all media sizes.£28.60 ex-vat
Clear Acrylic Print CatcherClear acrylic print catcher suitable for use with Dye Sub Photo Printers. Suitable for sizes 6″x4 up to 12″x8. This printer catcher sits underneath the printer and the weight of the printer holds the catcher in place. This print catcher is only suitable where the printer is situated on the edge of a desk as the catcher hangs down underneath the printer.£27.95 ex-vat
Mitsubishi D70 Media SpindlesCP-D70, D80, D707 Paper SpindlesSet of Paper Roll Spindles for the CP-D70, CP-D707 and CP-D80DW. These spindles fit the Red (DW-S) and Grey (DW) versions of these printers. The spindles will hold the paper roll in place for 6 inch media. Spacers available separately are required for 7×5 media.£39.00 ex-vat
CPD70 Flight CaseFlight Case for the CPD70/D70DW-S PrinterThis flight case is specifically designed to hold the Mitsubishi CP-D70/D70DW-S This carrying case is specifically designed and built from lightweight materials which allow easy carrying and shipping.£225.00 ex-vat
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User Manual


Mitsubishi K60DW-S User Manual 4.9mb 2 downloads

Mitsubishi K60DW-S User Manual ...

Windows Printer Drivers


Mitsubishi K60DW-S Windows 8 – 32bit 2.5 1 downloads

Mitsubishi K60DW-S Windows 8 – 32bit ...

Mitsubishi K60DW-S Windows 8 - 64bit 2.8mb 1 downloads

Mitsubishi K60DW-S Windows 8- 64bit ...

Mitsubishi K60DW-S Windows 10 - 32bit 2.5mb 1 downloads

Mitsubishi K60DW-S Windows 10 - 32bit ...

Mitsubishi K60DW-S Windows 10 - 64bit 2.8mb 1 downloads

Mitsubishi K60DW-S Windows 10 - 64bit ...

Mac OS Printer Drivers


Mitsubishi K60DW-S Mac Driver - 10.15+ 2.2MB 4 downloads

Mitsubishi K60DW-S Mac Driver Supports OS Catalina ...

Mitsubishi CP-K60 Mac OS Driver - 10.11-10.14 1.02 MB 12 downloads

Suitable for Mac OS Ver 10.11-10.15. Remove any older drivers first. ...

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Please find below some of the most frequently asked questions about this product. If you have a question that isn’t answered here then click on the chat button in the bottom right of the screen and we will be happy to help you.

  1. Isn’t the K60 a system printer?

    The K60 DW-S is a bit of an anomaly. Usually red fronted printers are system printers and cannot be used with a PC or Mac but this is an exception!

  2. What is the difference between a CP-D70DW and a CP-D70DW-S?

    A -DW-S model is usually designed to only be used with a Mitsubishi Kiosk system and not with a PC or Mac. Stick with a -DW model is you are using it with a PC or Mac.

What we think…

We are unique in that we actually use the equipment we sell so are best placed to comment on our own experiences. Honesty has always has been a key part of our advice since we started in 1991.

What we LIKE

Small and Compact and relatively light weight

Cost effective pricing.

Front loading media is easy.

What we DISLIKE or what to be aware of

No 7×5 or 6×9 support although this might not be a problem for some.

No ability to print Panoramic Photos like the CP-D90DW which can even be converted into a CP-D90EV or CP-D90RT

Some printers have a larger capacity M15E and M1E

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