Kiosk 121

The KIOSK121 brings a flexible performance that easily adapts to your in-shop needs. With a comfortable 21.5” multitouch display, and a powerful hardware platform, includes a flexible-to-use cosmetics POS installation at convenience, for a nice look and attractive use from your customers.
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£1,995.00 ex-vat

Printers Compatible with this Smart KioskGifts Terminal

This Kiosk does NOT come with a printer. Please choose from the list below.
Note: System Printers can be used with this Kiosk but cannot be used with a PC or Mac.

You may use any of the printers below with this Kiosk. Not all printers are compatible with the Smart KioskGifts Plus Metal Case. This Kiosk supports a maximum of two printers

Standard Printers suitable for use with this Kiosk

The printers listed in this table can be used with this Kiosk and ALSO with a PC or Mac.

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Mitsubishi SYSTEM Printers suitable for use with this Kiosk

The printers listed in this table can ONLY be used with Mitsubishi Kiosk System and NOT with a PC or Mac.

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Compatible Accessories

Smart KioskGifts Plus Printer CaseMetal  case to hold the  Smart KioskGifts Compact Terminal and Printer.£175.00 ex-vat
AC Tap Powerstrip Eur Socket 3M. Cable LengthPowerstrip for the Smart Kiosk Gifts Plus Exhibitor.£10.00 ex-vat
smart kiosk gifts exhibitorSmart Kiosk Plus ExhibitorThe Smart KioskGifts Plus is an All in One Self-Service Photo Kiosk with Photogifts exhibitor.£290.00 ex-vat
Easy Photo Clicks Card ReaderA fantastic photo card reader accepts all popular cards in a single location. Perfect for Click Systems. This lightweight,  memory card reader is the ideal accessory. It simply tucks it into a pocket in your laptop or camera bag for easy, portable use.£75.00 ex-vat
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Mitsubishi Kiosk 121 Brochure 3mb 5 downloads

Mitsubishi Kiosk 121 Brochure ...

Mitsubishi Retail Price List - Aug 2020 10.8mb 72 downloads

Mitsubishi Full Price List - August 2020 ...

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Please find below some of the most frequently asked questions about this product. If you have a question that isn’t answered here then click on the chat button in the bottom right of the screen and we will be happy to help you.

  1. Which printer should I use / buy with this Kiosk?

    The range of printers compatible with this Kiosk is shown under the printers tab. You will notice a wide range of printers are compatible with this kiosk. The printer(s) you choose depend upon a wide range of things. Take a look at our article on choosing a Dye Sub Printer or give us a call and we will talk you through the options.

    The most popular and flexible printer for this Kiosk is the Mitsubishi CP-D90. You do not need a CP-D90RT or D90EV although if you have either of these printers you can remove the -RT or -EV unit and use as a standard D90

  2. What is a system printer?

    A System Printer is one that is designed to work ONLY with Mitsubishi's Kiosk or System. The model name is often denoted with a -S suffix e.g. DW-S. Most although not all system printers have a red front which also matches the kiosk design. System Printers CANNOT be used with a PC or Mac and only work with a Mitsubishi System or Kiosk. Media pricing on a system printer may be slightly cheaper. The working specifications of a system version of a printer would usually remain identical to an non system printer.

What we think…

We are unique in that we actually use the equipment we sell so are best placed to comment on our own experiences. Honesty has always has been a key part of our advice since we started in 1991.

What we LIKE

The is a superb solution for Retail Environments. It can sit on a counter top and take up very little space. It also has the ability to be used with a wide number of printers giving increased flexibility.

The PhotoPrintMe Solution is a superb solution for retailers.


To be honest we’d struggle to be able to find much to dislike. Even the price point is agreeable.

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Smart KioskGifts – Retail Solution

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