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The Smart KioskGIFTS Compact allows retail stores to have the benefits of a full retail solution without the need to take up vast amounts of space. The Smart Kiosk is a low cost retail solution which is perfect for offering customers the opportunity to print their photos. The system also has integrated ID software which will allow you to offer customers Passport & ID photos. This Kiosk can work with a variety of Mitsubishi Printers which are available separately.
£1,055.00 ex-vat

Printers Compatible with this Smart KioskGifts Terminal

This Kiosk does NOT come with a printer. Please choose from the list below.
Note: System Printers can be used with this Kiosk but cannot be used with a PC or Mac.

You may use any of the printers below with this Kiosk. Not all printers are compatible with the Smart KioskGifts Plus Metal Case. This Kiosk supports a maximum of two printers

Standard Printers suitable for use with this Kiosk

The printers listed in this table can be used with this Kiosk and ALSO with a PC or Mac.

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Mitsubishi SYSTEM Printers suitable for use with this Kiosk

The printers listed in this table can ONLY be used with Mitsubishi Kiosk System and NOT with a PC or Mac.

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Compatible Accessories

Smart KioskGifts Plus Printer CaseMetal  case to hold the  Smart KioskGifts Compact Terminal and Printer.£175.00 ex-vat
AC Tap Powerstrip Eur Socket 3M. Cable LengthPowerstrip for the Smart Kiosk Gifts Plus Exhibitor.£10.00 ex-vat
smart kiosk gifts exhibitorSmart Kiosk Plus ExhibitorThe Smart KioskGifts Plus is an All in One Self-Service Photo Kiosk with Photogifts exhibitor.£290.00 ex-vat
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What we LIKE

The is a superb solution for Retail Environments. It can sit on a counter top and take up very little space. It also has the ability to be used with a wide number of printers giving increased flexibility.

The PhotoPrintMe Solution is a superb solution for retailers.


To be honest we’d struggle to be able to find much to dislike. Even the price point is agreeable.

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Smart KioskGifts – Retail Solution

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