Smart D70ID+

The Smart D70ID+ comprises of a multitouch 10.1″ display with Photo ID Software which includes dace detect, 40 ID templates and a CP-D70DW-U printer. This model of printer can only use the CK-D746U media which is 6×4 in size.

£1,200.00 ex-vat

Media Compatible with the ID70+ (CP-D70DW-U)

CK746U Media

CK-D746-U 6×4 Media

£195.00 ex-vat

This photo kit contains everything you need to print 800 6” x 4” Glossy Photos – Contains Photo Paper Roll and Dye Sublimation Ribbon.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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  1. Does the system come with a Printer?

    Yes, The system comes with a CP-D70DW-U. This is a system printer.

  2. What is a system printer?

    A System Printer is one that is designed to work ONLY with Mitsubishi's Kiosk or System. The model name is often denoted with a -S or -U suffix e.g. DW-S. Most although not all system printers have a red front which also matches the kiosk design. System Printers CANNOT be used with a PC or Mac and only work with a Mitsubishi System or Kiosk. Media pricing on a system printer may be slightly cheaper. The working specifications of a system version of a printer would usually remain identical to an non system printer.

  3. Do I have to pay a subscription to use this system.

    No subscription is required. You just buy the unit and media as you need it.

  4. Can the Smart-D70ID email the photos to the customer?

    Yes, providing the unit has access to the internet and this option is configured. You will need an email address setup on the device. We can configure this for you.

What we think…

We are unique in that we actually use the equipment we sell so are best placed to comment on our own experiences. Honesty has always has been a key part of our advice since we started in 1991.

What we LIKE

The is a superb solution for Retail Environments. It can sit on a counter top and take up very little space. It also has the ability to be used with a wide number of printers giving increased flexibility.

The PhotoPrintMe Solution is a superb solution for retailers.


To be honest we’d struggle to be able to find much to dislike. Even the price point is agreeable.

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