HiTi P525L

The P525L has the ability to print from your Phone or Tablet via an optional WiFi module, USB Stick or Memory Card or from your PC or Apple Mac. It prints 6×4, 7×5 and 8×6 photos and also supports a variety of smaller sizes and can use HiTi’s perforated media. The P525L also has a multi-lingual LCD status display.

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£699.00 £599.00 ex-vat

Print Media and Consumables for this printer

Dye Sub Media : Print Media FAQ’s  – How to Load Print MediaDifferent Media Sizes

The media listed below is compatible with this printer. Check the video tab so see how to change the media.

HiTi 520 Series Media - 6x4P520-P525 6×4 MediaHiTi 6″x4″ Ribbon and paper is designed to work with HiTi P520L and P525L photo printer. This includes 2 rolls of paper and 2 rolls of ribbon. 500 prints per roll in total 1000 prints.£117.00 ex-vat
HiTi 520 Series Media - 7x5P520L/P525L 7×5 MediaHiTi 7″x5″ Ribbon and paper is designed to work with HiTi P520L and P525L photo printer. This includes 2 rolls of paper and 2 rolls of ribbon. 290 prints per roll in total 580 prints.£117.00 ex-vat
HiTi 520 Series Media - 8x6P520L/P525L 6×8 MediaHiTi 6″x8″ Ribbon and paper is designed to work with HiTi P520L and P525L  photo printer. This includes 2 rolls of paper and 2 rolls of ribbon. 250 prints per roll in total 500 prints.£135.00 ex-vat
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Compatible Accessories

HiTi P510 Series Paper Box ( No Spindles)Compatible with the P510 Printer series. Holds the paper only.£15.00 £7.50 ex-vat
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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  1. Can the P525L be used wirelessly?

    Yes, you will need the wireless adapter which is available as an option.

  2. Can the P525L be used with a memory card reader?

    Yes, A HiTi card reader plugs into the USB port on the back of the printer. You can still connect the printer to a computer when the card reader is installed and if you also wish to use the WiFi module then this can be plugged into the card reader at the same time.

  3. How many USB ports are there on a P525L?

    There are two USB ports but one is for the standard USB printer cable as an input and the other allows a card reader and / or a HiTi Wifi Adapter

What we think…

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What we LIKE about the P525L

The fact that the printer can be used with a mobile phone and card reader is a a neat feature.

The HiTi PrintBiz App allows printing of ID Photos from a mobile phone which is ideal

We like the LCD display on the front of the printer which tells you how much media is left in the printer as well as and print status messages.

The print quality is very good as with all HiTi printers.

What we DISLIKE about the P525L

The P525L doesn’t support 6×9 media so if this is size that you need to print then the P525L isn’t for you.

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