Hiti P525L Passport and ID Bundle

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Hiti P525L Passport and ID Bundle

The System Insight Passport & ID Bundle is the ideal solution to produce Passport & ID photos.

The Bundle has several components to give you a full Passport and ID solution, everything is there.

You get with this offer:


  • All-In-One PC (non touch)
  • ID Photos Pro 8
  • FujiFilm Bridge Camera (including SD Card & Tethering cable)
  • Tripod
  • Hiti P525L
  • Pack of 6×4 media (HT520-64)
  • Grey Passport Blind
  • UK ID Cutter 35mm x 45mm
  • 1000 Passport Envelopes

At the heart of the system is the All-In-One PC running ID Photos Pro 8. The AIO (All-In-One)  is very reliable while looking aesthetically professional. This linked with ID Photos Pro 8 wizards which will give you the ability to process an image in 15 seconds with 5 simple steps. What’s so great about ID Photos Pro 8 is it uses special advanced algorithms to automatically detect head, face, nose, ears, eyes, mouth etc and then instantly corrects the photo to be within correct biometric specification. ID Photos Pro 8 is the world’s number 1 Passport software with over 160 ID photo formats.

The FujiFilm Camera can be used on the tripod to improve accuracy and also reduce the risk of blurry images, by them simply inserting the memory card from the camera into the PC, you can upload your images for processing. The Passport Blind is grey to help hide shadows and specifically picked to ensure the colour is also correct.

The Printer is the HiTi P525L, the latest 6″ printer System Insight has. We have chosen the Hiti P525L to go with this bundle as is it quick, has a large paper capacity, also a very accurate skin tone while, relatively low print costs. The Hiti P525L come with a 2 year manufacturer warranty support by System Insight as an authorised reseller and service centre.

Also once the photos have been printed the ID cutter is ideal to then use to put the photos in the envelopes.

Also if you would like more information on this bundle offer please feel free to contact us.