CK-746-PF42 Perforated Media

£99.00 ex-vat

Use Perforated media on your next event to create the ultimate fun experience!

You can use Perforated Media for vouchers, coupons, and promotional materials to increase your profit.

Perforated media 10x10cm and  5x10cm (4×4″ and 4×2″) is ideal for photo booth operators and any other event.  It has a perforated edge allowing part of the print to be easily removed.

Find out more on how to make your event unique using perforated media.

We do sell a range of perforated media including CK-746-PF33 (where the perforated strip is in the middle) and the CK-D715-PF42 which is mainly for the CP-D70DW-S range but still works in the CP-D90DW as well.



  • Perfect solution for event and booth operators
  • Each Print has a perforated cut allowing for 4×2″/4×4″ photo
  • Each box of CK746-PF42 contains a total of 800 prints
  • Perfect as promotional prints offering vouchers or advertising slips (printed onto the 4″x 2″ cut)
  • Compatible with our Ex-Demo’s CP-D70DW, new  CP-D70DW, CP-D707 and CP-D90DW and new Smart D90-EV