CK-D715-PF42 6×4 Media

£99.00 ex-vat

Mitsubishi CK-D715-PF42 Perforated paper compatible with the CPD-90DW, Smart D90EV and the red fronted printers CP-D70DW-S and CP-D707DW-S only.

The Mitsubishi CK-D715-PF42 media kit comes with 2 rolls of printer paper per box for prints size 4 x 6” with a perforated edge giving you voucher size 2″ x 4″ and print size 4″ 4”. Meaning you can print a 2″x 4″ and a 4″x 4″ on the same 6″ x 4″ media.

Size: 10x10cm and 5x10cm ( 4×4″ and 4×2″)

ROLL width 15cm / paper thickness 0,23 mm

2 Rolls x 400 prints per box

We do sell a range of perforated media including CK-746-PF33 (where the perforated strip lies more central to your image) and the CK-746-PF42. Both of these are compatible with the black fronted CP-D70DW, CP-D707DW as well as the CP-D90DW and the Smart D90EV.