Smart D90EV Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your CP-D90DW, into a Smart D90EV with this  D90EV Upgrade Kit. Just plug it in, connect to your printer and you all ready to go. Connect your smart-phone or tablet to the Smart D90EV app and print instantly.

[Full Product Details: Mitsubishi Smart D90EV]

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£575.00 ex-vat

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[Full Product Details: Mitsubishi Smart D90EV]

Usability: Connecting the Mitsubishi Smart D90EVE Kit is extremely easy. All it takes is a few simple steps to connect  it to your device. You vsn launch the photos quickly and automatically. Getting your orders printed in seconds is key.

When adding the Mitsubishi Smart D90EV Kit to the CP-D90DW, it will create the Smart Printer D90EV. The new Smart Printer D90EV is a high-quality photo printer ideal for any type of event, which allows you to customise any event easily and instantly. With its compact design, adaptable to any space, the new Smart Printer D90EV has a high print speed that allows you  to obtain quick and instant personalised prints for your events.

The Mitsubishi Smart D90EV also has fully configurable print templates e.g. Polaroid style, Instagram style etc, so that you can customise the prints for the type of event e.g. Wedding, Birthday, Graduation, School Prom etc. You can use the  Smart D90ev app and print your images instantly- and you can even print on perforated media.

  • Instant Printing without operator
  • Compact
  • Fast-Printing (can print a 10×15″ print in 7.8 seconds)
  • Outstanding print quality
  • Support Multiple Sizes
  • Polaroid and Instagram Formats

The Mitsubishi Smart D90EV is ideal for events that allows large numbers of guests to print their own photos simultaneously without having to endure a long wait. The printer is portable and versatile – and opens up a whole variety of new profit opportunities for the photographer or event organiser.

Compatible D90 Accessories for D90EV and D90RT

Smart D90EV Upgrade KitSmart D90RT Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your CP-D90DW, into a Smart D90RT with this  D90RT Upgrade Kit. Just plug it in, connect to your printer and you all ready to go. The D90RT supports Mitsubishi’s PhotoPrintMe systems. This D90RT module can also be converted into a D90EV unit.

£945.00 ex-vat
Hashtag LicenceWith a Hashtag Licence,  you are able to capture and upload those memorable moments on social media.  You can print instantluy and upload the images onto social media such as twitter and instagram. Using this event software is the perfect solution for festivals, parties, weddings, and any other event.  It is perfect for any event where people are socialising or having fun.  A wedding is a perfect example, hashtag your event such as  Mr and Mrs Blogg’s big day and you will have the ability to print instantly and share those amazing images straight away onto social media sites. You have the option to choose to buy the licence for 30, 180 or 365 days. Call us for more details.    £61.00£151.00 ex-vat
PartystandMitsubishi PartyStandCreate a feature of your printer and turn it into a PartyStand! Easy to build and customise to your event. Perfect for weddings, graduations or any event.
  • Easy to build
  • Smart D90EV works well inside in stand – you can hide cables and wires
  • Dimensions(cm) : 48(w) x 48(d) x 105 (h)
  • Weight (kg) : 4.5kg
  • Place PartyBox with Printer  on top of Party Stand to create a Totem Style layout.
  • Look for out for the SmartD90EV accessories.
£215.00 ex-vat
smart d90ev trolleyMitsubishi SmartD90EV TrolleyLightweight and stylish bag for storing and transferring your Smart D90EV or CP-D90DW.  Keep all of your Smart D90EV accessories together and transfer quickly and easily from your home to your event. Dimensions (cm): (w)40 x (d)47 x (h)30 Weight: 4.5 kg Compatible with the Smart D90EV and CP-D90DW. You can also store your printer in the PartyBox and place in the trolley.£130.00 ex-vat
PartyBOXSmart D90EV PartyBox
Make your printer unique and customise it to your event.  You can make the Smart D90EV a feature with the Partybox and use it  for – any event. Perfect for Graduations, Weddings, or any other Event.
  •  Dimensions : (w) 29.5cm x (d) 30.5cm x (h) 30.5cm with top header added (6.5cm to the height)
  • You customise the top header to your event for example Kat and Dave’s wedding
  • Top Header Dimensions (h) 6.2 cm x (w) 29.5cm
  • Works inside the box . (Put the cables inside the box to create)
  • Small foot print
  • Can be used as a desktop solution (stand-alone) or add to the PartyStand to create a totem layout.
  • Store it in the Smart D90EV Trolley.
  • Customise your event with the Smart D90EV range .
£82.00 ex-vat
Smart D90EV Upgrade KitSmart D90EV Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your CP-D90DW, into a Smart D90EV with this  D90EV Upgrade Kit. Just plug it in, connect to your printer and you all ready to go. Connect your smart-phone or tablet to the Smart D90EV app and print instantly.

£575.00 ex-vat
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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  1. What is the difference between a D90EV and a D90RT?

    The D90RT is designed to be used in a Retail environment and the PhotoPrintMe solution is ideal for this. The D90EV is primarily used for events where guests can print photos direct to from their phones. With the separate computer on the back of the D90 removed they both become CP-D90-P printers.

  2. Can a D90EV or D90RT be used with a computer as a standard printer?

    Yes, Simply unplug the USB cable from the EV/RT Module and plug in a computer and you can use as normal. The D90EV or D90RT is just a standard CP-D90-P printer with an added -EV or -RT module.

  3. Can I upgrade my standard CP-D90 to a D90-RT or D90-EV?

    Yes you can, just purchase the separate -RT (or -EV) unit and you have a D90-RT. Contact us for full details.

  4. How easy is the D90-EV to use?

    From the guests perspective it is very easy indeed. They connect to the printers WiFi and they are shown the inbuilt webpage which shows them every step they need to complete to print their photos. Anyone who can use a smartphone can use it without training.

  5. How easy is the D90EV to setup?

    There is an admin mode which allows the operator to change all the settings. It's a web based system and is easy to use.

What we think…

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What we LIKE about the D90EV

The fact it uses a wide variety of Mitsubishi Media means it’s ideal for customers that have more than one Mitsubishi Printer and can avoid stocking multiple media types.

Love the fact that the D90 can print panoramic prints!

The D90 also has rollback technology so printing 6×4 and 6×8 from 6×8 media has no wastage.

What we DISLIKE about the D90RT

To be honest we’d struggle to be able to find much to dislike about the D90RT. It’s not often we say that!

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Smart D90EV – Event Solution

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ProductMitsubishi Smart D90EV
Mitsubishi Smart D90EV
System Insight continue to provide great customer support and service. I have recently purchased 2 Smart D90EV’s. An amazingly flexible bit of kit and my clients love it! Thanks to Will and the team.

Smart D90RT – Retail Solution

ProductMitsubishi Smart D90RT
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