Mitsubishi Printer and Media End of Life Update

Mitsubishi Electric has announced important information regarding end of life status of their printers and print media. Although media supply will be available for up to 10 years (until 2030), in time this will effect all Mitsubishi users. Read the Full Story

Mitsubishi CP-D90EV

The D90EV is a standard D90 with a special add-on to allow the printing of images wirelessly from a smart phone or tablet via WiFi. It is ideal for events and weddings. Very easy to use via a web interface. Supports 6×4,7×5,8×6 and 9×6 and panoramic prints. Works with PC or Mac and uses a variety of different media types for flexibility. The printer reverts to a standard D90 with the wireless unit disconnected.

For an alternative product, check out the Citizen CX-02

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Print Media and Consumables for this printer

The D90 is very flexible in that it can use media from a variety of different Mitsubishi Printers. You may find that the list below contains some duplicates for this reason.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

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  1. What is the difference between a D90EV and a D90RT?

    The D90RT is designed to be used in a Retail environment and the PhotoPrintMe solution is ideal for this. The D90EV is primarily used for events where guests can print photos direct to from their phones. With the seperate computer on the back of the D90 removed they both become CP-D90-P printers.

  2. Can a D90EV be used with a computer as a standard printer?

    Yes, Simply unplug the USB cable from the EV Module and plug in a computer and you can use as normal. The D90RT is just a standard CP-D90-P printer with an added -EV module.

  3. Can I upgrade my standard CP-D90 to a D90-RT or D90-EV?

    Yes you can, just purchase the separate -RT (or -EV) unit and you have a D90-RT. Contact us for full details.

  4. How easy is the D90-EV to use?

    From the guests perspective it is very easy indeed. They connect to the printers WiFi and they are shown the inbuilt webpage which shows them every step they need to complete to print their photos. Anyone who can use a smartphone can use it without training.

  5. How easy is the D90EV to setup?

    There is an admin mode which allows the operator to change all the settings. It's a web based system and is easy to use.

What we think…

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What we LIKE about the D90EV

The fact it uses a wide variety of Mitsubishi Media means it’s ideal for customers that have more than one Mitsubishi Printer and can avoid stocking multiple media types.

Love the fact that the D90 can print panoramic prints!

The D90 also has rollback technology so printing 6×4 and 6×8 from 6×8 media has no wastage.

What we DISLIKE about the D90RT

To be honest we’d struggle to be able to find much to dislike about the D90RT. It’s not often we say that!

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Smart D90EV – Event Solution

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Review for Mitsubishi Smart D90EV
Mitsubishi Smart D90EV
System Insight continue to provide great customer support and service. I have recently purchased 2 Smart D90EV’s. An amazingly flexible bit of kit and my clients love it! Thanks to Will and the team.

Smart D90RT – Retail Solution

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Technical Specs

Weight 14 kg
Printing Technology

Dye Sublimation

System Compatibility

Mac (up to Big Sur), Windows (up to windows 10)

Print Options

Single Sided

Photo Finish

Gloss, Matte

Media Capacity

(4×6) 430, (5×7) 230, (6×8) 215

Media Pack

CK-D715, CK-D715-PF42, CK-D718, CK-D720, CK-D723, CK-D746, CK-D746-PF33, CK-D746-PF42, CK-D757, CK-D768, CK-D769, CK-D868, CK-D946-PST

Print Size

4×6, 5×7, 6×8, 6×9

Print Speeds

(4×6) 7.8sec, (5×7) 13.2sec, (6×8) 14.6sec, (6×9) 16.2sec

Dimension (W-D-H)

275 x 365 x 237mm



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