Mitsubishi CP-D707DW Double Deck Printer

£1,199.00 ex-vat

The CP-D707DW has a front loading construction so the media and ribbon can be easily and quickly replaced. Despite its compact design, the printer can hold a large quantity of paper thus enabling high volume printing (800 6×4 prints at one time). This event solution also produces prints with smoother definition so that text and images appear sharper and clearer.

The CP-D707DW weighs in at 22KG and measures 446mm x 340mm x 275mm (Depth x Height x Width). It has the same appearance as two single decker D70 printers stacked on top of each other but is a single unit. It is well suited to booth photography as it can hold up to 800 6×4″ prints at a time or can also be set up to hold two different print sizes at the same time. It is the most versatile dye sublimation printer on the market and there is no other double deck model available.

When purchasing the CP-D707DW- you will receive a free link to all the latest drivers and downloads.




Mitsubishi CP-D707DW Double Deck Printer

Print Sizes: 6×2″, 6×4″, 7×5″, 8×6″, 9×6″

Print Speed: 6×4 (under 6 seconds)

Weight: 22kg

Warranty: 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty (Pro-Support Available)

To find out more about the Mitsubishi CP-D707DW, go to our CP-D707DW detailed product page

The CP-D707DW can produce 6×4″ images within 5.9 seconds and 6×9″ prints in under 20 seconds.

Our printers do not come with UK power leads from the manufacturer. However, we supply free of charge a 2 metre UK power lead with all NEW printers.

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Stunning results and the fastest ever!

We already have Click systems with Mitsubishi 9550’s and a Mitsubishi 3800. but we are so busy with so many events already booked for this year including Crufts and a 20 day job at the main shopping centres in the Uk that we needed another system for our second team to use. We are one of the first companies in the UK to actually have one of these new printers, and have tested it thoroughly. We received this the day after ordering from System Insight and it is a superb printer. As usual with Mitsu’s the build quality is top notch, but it’s the sheer speed that impresses. It’s about the same dimensions as a 9550, but is twice the machine with two printers in one, and almost three times as fast! I downloaded the latest drivers from System Insights site and loaded up with the 5″ rolls as we need that size for the next big job, we have to pose, shoot, green screen, process and print 500 framed photographs in just a four hour timeframe. Space is limited so we can’t take two studios out. Initial testing with a stopwatch showed that from pressing print the machine using both decks easily produced 5 photographs in exactly 49 seconds. The only problem was catching the prints, they come out so fast! As our processing is automated in testing we easily achieved our target rate of two posed and processed photographs in a minute, the printer is much faster than even my very quick staff. And the capacity is perfect, as some shots will be of couples we won’t even have to change consumables! That is really quick and simple anyway, with a spare set of the paper holders and the ribbon basket already loaded we can do that faster than a Ferrari pitstop crew. Colour matching was almost perfect straight out of the box, I added a tiny bit to the gamma as I like bright prints, but that’s a personal preference and it matches our iMac and Dell touchscreens displays very accurately, as good as we’ve seen from the srgb to cmyk colourspace. The 64 bit window drivers and mac OS drivers work well, it will be nice when 9×6″ support is added. All the bespoke software we use worked perfectly with landscape and portrait switching without any operator intervention and we are really pleased with the new addition. It’s not a lot of money for a lot of printer, and we will add a few more this year. I’m not affiliated to Misubishi or System Insight, I went on their training course in 2010 and you can get an idea of how successful we are by looking through the galleries on our website at We covered the Jingle Bell ball at the O2 for Microsoft and Capital FM, covered the Vauxhall launch at Wembley Stadium, the B2B Marketing Awards, the MACE awards at Battersea Evolution, the premiere of the new Narnia movie and have worked for Sony, Samsung, Motorola, Carphone Warehouse and Frank IT. That’s in addition to dozens of proms, parties, charity balls, Masonic dinners and countless sporting events! So when we say a printer is good it really is, and we can’t recommend Stuart and his team highly enough for the support and expertise they have shared with us over the last year.

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Weight 22 kg

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  • 12 Month Pro Support Package for CP-D707DW & CP-D707DW(S)

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