Pringo P232

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This printer is now discontinued the closest replacement product would be the HiTi P310W

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The Pringo  P232  is charming and stylish.  Instant Prints and Instant Fun.

Dye sub technology enables long-lasting, water-proof, UV resistance and fingerprint-proof photos.
Power saving and long battery life .Up to 50 prints per recharging. The powerful Prinsnap (Android only) and Pringo App are compatinle with ios and Android systems. Include various filters, exclusive frames and stickers. Easily customize your photo with adding QR codes to embed information or creating gift cards.

Unique metallic layer

Adds value to your precious photos and makes more fun.
Two kinds of consumables
Photo paper and sticker offer stunning instant pictures with affordable price.
Real-time sharing
Wireless connection enables you to print and share at any occasions easily.
NFC one touch connection
Tap your smart phone on the NFC tag on the Pringo to run the app for instant photo printing.
※ NFC is available for compatible Android devices.

Free unlimited cloud album

Prinfan allows you to preserve happiest moments instantly without data compressing.