HiTi P750L

£1,199.00 ex-vat

The HiTi P750 is a high volume photo printer capable of printing over 1,000 6×4 (500 6×8) photos without the need to change the print media. It can print 6×4, 7×5, 8×6 Photos


The HiTi P750L has a slightly larger design to it’s predecessor. This model boasts a newer large capacity with the ability to hold up to 1000 prints at time, making it perfect for photo booths and retail shops! Designed to replace the P720L this particular model is perfect for high volume printing at low running costs whilst still retaining excellent picture quality. The P750L will produce 6×4, 5×7 and 6×8 with the ability to print Glossy and Matte off the same role of media. With an additional purchase of a WIFI dongle you have the ability to print wirelessly from your smart phone, tablet or other hand held devices. A multi card-reader used in conjunction with Hiti’s ‘Prinbizz’ App will also allow you to browse the images on your memory card and select the ones you want to send straight to print. Making Instant Printing quicker and easier.

Additional information

Weight 26.7 kg
Dimensions 42.4 × 33 × 42.5 cm

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