Citizen CX-02S

£725.00 ex-vat

Citizen CX-02S 6×8 Inch Sticker Photo Printer


The Citizen CX-02S is a 6″ roll-fed Dye Sublimation Photo Printer, that is purpose-built for producing 6×8 or 6×4 stickers. 

The Citizen CX-02S shares the same specifications as the CX-02, the difference being, the CX-02S can only produce 6×8 or 6×4 stickers, whereas the CX-02 can produce 6×4, 5×7, 6×8 and 6×9. However, the Citizen CX-02 cannot produce stickers.

At only 12kg (unloaded), the Citizen CX-02S is comparatively lightweight for a Sticker Printer, with a robust and compact design that results in a small footprint, with dimensions that are only 275(w) x 366(d) x 170mm(h).

Although compact, the CX-02S can hold an impressive 200 6×8 sticker prints (or 400 6×4 sticker prints)

Print speeds, in comparison to standard photo printers, are quick. The Citizen CX-02S can product a 6×4 in only 9.8 seconds, and the larger 6×8 taking 15.6 seconds, which’s over 200 prints an hour.

If you are focused on image quality, you can adjust the dpi to a higher 600, or for ultimate speed, you can run the printer at 300 dpi. All it takes is a simple setting change in the driver.

The CX-02S rollback feature allows you to print 6×4, and 6×8 prints from the same media roll, without wastage.

Print finishes are either matte or gloss and do not require different media types.

The ergonomics of the CX-02S are brilliant, a front-loading door allows for easy media changes. The ribbon is loaded onto a tray, while the spindles are attached to the paper, the whole change takes a matter of seconds.

The power switch is located at the front of the printer, with USB and Power connections together on the back.


The Citizen CX-02S will only produce stickers, you can’t produce regular photo prints. 

So if you are looking for a sticker printer, the CX-02S is perfect, as it has been specifically designed to cope with the additional strain the sticker media puts on the printer.

Other brands will simply add a sticker media line to an existing printer, however, this can seriously harm a standard printer.

It’s a pretty specific market that the CX-02S caters for, but it also offers the opportunity to provide a service that no one else is.

Citizen CX-02S is ideal for use across:

Attraction Photography

  • Photo Booths
  • Retail Printing