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Give customers the chance to treasure all of their favourite memories, in a creative and personalised way ( and different from the norm) with Mitsubishi Photo Kiosk Gift solutions. This also gives your customers another reason to visit your store.

With Mitsubishi’s creative lineup, your customers can find a wide variety of options to create and personalise their photo albums, calendars and greetings cards, among others, in an easy, fun and user-friendly way, customers are able to choose their images at home or on the move, and  then later print them out instantly at a Mitsubishi Kiosk Gifts unit.

Retail photo printing solutions are primarily aimed at the High Street – post offices, pharmacies, cobblers and anywhere customers have a need to print photos.

They have progressed over the years from basic stand-alone kiosks, which are limited in what they can do, to the latest and greatest systems which provide customers with a real choice.

These days, retail solutions come in many shapes and forms, from software (which you simply add to an existing computer) to a full, dry lab solution. But, in today’s retail market, the most commonly used solution is the Retail Kiosk. And, as you will see below, Mitsubishi have provided a few variations of this to enable the client to completely customise their set-up.

How do Retail Kiosks work?

Typically, customers load their images onto the kiosk from phones, memory cards or, in the case of the Mitsubishi AIO Kiosk, via social media. From there, they can make adjustments to their photos, select a product and print.

Many of the latest Retail Kiosks will allow customers to select from a variety of products such as standard prints, calendars, greeting cards, collages, mosaics etc.

There are a variety of ways in which photo fulfilment can be achieved, depending upon your needs. For example: setting a password on the print section; connecting a wireless keyboard to input a password; or, having the printer behind the counter, which ensures customers have to pay for their prints.

Could my Shop Earn Money from having a Retail Kiosk?

It can be useful to take a look around your local area to see if anyone else provides a photo printing service already. Maybe you could offer a better service or provide the service for less?

Retail photo solutions often sit nicely alongside other products already on offer, providing an additional revenue stream.

There is potential to further increase your revenue, depending how much you advertise.

You are also likely to see your customer base increase, as people who wouldn’t normally come into your store are drawn in, increasing revenue further.

Initial Investment:                £2,700

Customers Per Day:                      2

Average Daily Purchase Per Customer:

  • 30 6×4 prints at £0.35 each
  • 5 6×8 prints at £0.99 each

Total revenue, minus print costs and VAT, per customer: £9.60

Days Open Per Year:                284

Revenue Per Year:               £5,452.80

Maintenance of your Retail Solution

A Retail Solution requires very little upkeep, as follows:

– Change the paper and ribbon when it runs out.
– Some basic cleaning.
– Annual servicing of the printers is recommended.

Do I need to buy anything else?

Once you have installed a Retail Solution, there really isn’t anything else you need to go with it.

However, you do have the option to add additional photo products to go alongside your Retail Solution. With the Mitsubishi AIO Kiosk, your customers can even submit orders directly to your suppliers for items such as mugs, t-shirts etc.

Technical Support & Warranties

System Insight will provide phone and web support to all Retail Solutions completely free of charge.

Mitsubishi Retail Solutions come with a 2 year warranty and, as System Insight is an authorised Mitsubishi Service Centre, we will carry out any repair work on your system and, as long as it is still within its warranty, this will be provided at no extra cost.

Additional support packages can also be purchased such as Pro Support, which entitles you to a quicker response on a technical call back. With this support package, our technicians will log in to your systems and resolve any software-based issues. But, perhaps best of all, System Insight will guarantee to repair your system within 24 hours, or, we will supply you with another system on loan if we can’t.

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