Wireless Camera Solutions

Wireless Camera Solutions

Wireless Camera Solutions can really help to speed up workflow, which is so important for maximising profits in Event Photography. Please have a look at out Portable Printers and Wireless set up options, for further information.

Wireless adapters can connect your camera to either a computer or kiosk and allow fast transfer of images straight from your camera to your PC, Apple Mac or Click System.

A wireless adapter is fitted to your camera and the images can then be sent wirelessly to your PC via a router or wireless access point. The photos are stored on the PC using an FTP server and can then be accessed from your PC.

The type of wireless adapter will vary depending upon the camera(s) you use. Nikon and Canon make their own adapters, although some third party adapters like Eye-Fi Wireless Memory Cards and the Hi-Ti Wireless Camera Adapter are available.

It is possible (via the internet), to send your images anywhere in the world, although usually, the images are only sent locally.

It is also possible to control your camera remotely using the same wireless technology.

If you are using a wireless printer such as the HiTi P510Si photo printer then you can send images straight to the printer using wireless technology without the need for a PC. Or have a look at HiTi’s new P525L Printer.

Setting up your camera wirelessly does involve some technical knowledge but we are always able to provide support if you need it.