Flightcases for Photo Printers

All of our Flight Cases are made to measure to specifically fit your printer model. Our Flight Cases are custom made and are made specifically for your printer.

Our flight cases are specifically designed to allow the use of the printer whilst still in the flight case (where the design of the printer allows this).

We at System Insight provides a large selection of hand built and specifically designed lightweight flight cases for most Dye Sublimation printers. The main advantages of our flight cases are:

  • Lightweight We do not use heavy plywood in our cases. They are made from a special honeycombed plastic board to keep the weight down yet ensure strength.
  • Specially Designed and bespoke made – As we use this equipment ourselves, we know that a flight case should be more than just a box and each of our flight cases has been specially designed by us to be the highest of quality.
  • Hand Built – This ensures a quality product which will last for years.
  • No Wheels! – These add extra weight and size to a case and often use small wheels that can be rendered useless in anything other the flattest of surfaces. We recommend the use of small portable fold flat trolleys which can be used for all your equipment.

Also, most of our flight cases are designed for the equipment to be used directly from inside the case without problems, saving you the hassle of having to constantly take equipment in-and-out them from the cases at events.

So, if you are looking for the ultimate in Lightweight Flight Cases for your printer then look no further!

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Showing all 20 results