Print From Your Smartphone with the Mitsubishi Smart D90EV

Printing from the Smart D90EV couldn’t be easier – and you can choose to print  from three different ways:

  • Easyprint – You do not need to install anything to your smartphone, just connect to the Wifi network of the Smart D90EV printer.
  • Funprint – You do not need to install anything to your smartphone for the Funprint either. All you need to do is to connect your smartphone device to the wifi network of your printer.
  • Smart Photo Print App – Download the app from iTunes or Google Play and print straight away.

Mitsubishi has created attractive applications for smartphones (and also web apps – where these is no need to install these onto your phone).

  • Easyprint – is the easiest way to send pictures to your printer.
  • Funprint –  you can choose and insert your pictures to various different templates and for various different events. You can even add different graphics or stamps to your photo, for example hearts and smiley faces.

Direct Wifi Printing:      wireless D90EV image

  • FRP
  • Network Hotfolders – SAMBA
  • Hotspot HTTP Browser
  • Web App Funprint and Easyprint
  • Mitsubishi Apps for iPhone and Android (free downloads)

Print From Your Smartphone Using Easyprint:

Step 1: Connect to the Wifi Network #Photoprinter

If you don’t see the Start application, start the application manually  ;

either – open http;//photoprint-lan Or in the browser (such as Safari) type http://photoprint-lan

Alternatively, launch your QR Reader (if you have it on your phone) and read the QR Code that is on the stand/ guide.

Step 2: Open Easy Print and Agree with the Terms and Conditions

Step 3 : Select the Language

Step 4: Select Photos From the Camera from your Gallery or Take a Photo

Step 5: Select the Photos- you wish to print

Step 6: Confirm Order

Step 7: Photos are printing

Step 8: Photos are Complete

Print From Your Smartphone Using Funprint:

Funprint is fantastic to use for events such as Proms, Graduations, or events with a young audience. The key difference between the Easyprint and the Funprint app is that the your photos can be inserted into pre-prepared templates (such as collages, strips, bookmarks and much, much more). You can also insert cliparts/ graphics to any part of your photo. Please the the instructions below on how to do this:

Mitsubishi Fun Print

Follow Step One (the same as Easyprint)

Step 2: Choose a Temple and Size Image such as (polariods, strips, etc)

Step 3: Select a Graphic/ Stamp and add it onto your image. You can do this by tapping on the display screen and move it around. It is also possible to change the size of the graphic.

Step 4: Confirm your image that you want to print by clicking on Set.

Step 5 : Select the number of copies you want

Step 6: Printing is Complete

Step 2 of the Funprint app

You can paste your chosen graphic (Clipart/Stamp) anywhere in your image by tapping on the display. You can choose to reduce or enlarge the size of the graphic, you can delete and much much more.  Once you are happy with your image with the graphic, please confirm by choosing SET. You can also choose the amount of copies you are selecting to print and the finally select ORDER.  The photos will be printed in a matter of seconds.

Print From The Smart Photo Print App

Print your smartphone photos in a Mitsubishi Electric Kiosk just with the new Smart Photo Print app.Your photos from your smartphone can be easily selected and sent through WiFi to a Mitsubishi Kiosk for editing and printing.

Android Instructions:

Print From the Smart Photo Print App

Step 1: Install the Smart Photo Print app in your Smartphone from online stores. (Only available for iOS and Android).

Step 2: Go to your Smartphone WiFi settings and select the SmartPhotoPrinter option – #PhotoPrint

Step 3: Open up your photo gallery and select the image or images that you want to print.

Step 4: Click on the Share button and then the Smart Photo Print app icon to launch Kiosk Print.

Step 5: On the launched Smart Photo Print app, select the size image for each of the selected images and then click on Continue

Step 6: Wait until the images are sent to the SmartPhotoPrinter

Step 7: Check your order number. Then pick up your printed photos.

iPhone Instructions:

phone instructions with the print app

Step 1: Open the iPhone/iPad photo gallery/ Camera Roll and select the image that you want to print. Then ‘Click’ Select.

Step 2: Click on the Smart Photo Print Icon to Open the Kiosk Print App.

Step 3: On the Smart Photo Print App, select the photo size you require for your chosen image(s) and then choose continue.

Step 4: Wait until the images are sent to the Smart Photo Printer

Step 5: Check your order number. Then pick up your printed photos.