Photo Printing at Home

Print your own photos at home !

Looking to print quality photos at home without the hassle and cost of using an inferior inkjet printer?

Dye Sub Photo Printers are the answer and are now available at a reasonable price. They allow you to produce high quality, photo prints at a fixed, low cost. These printers use a proven technology that has been around for years called Dye Sublimation.

Print at Home

Finally the ability to print high quality photos at home.

As more and more of us take photos with our smartphones and cameras we lack the ability to print decent photos quickly and easily. As a result of this we don’t print that many photos which is a real shame as we love to hold, share photos and display them around our home. A look around the average home and you will see photos on the wall, shelves, cupboards, in the bedroom and even stuck on the fridge !

Whilst any Dye Sub Printers can be used at home, there are several models which are ideally suited for home use. The quality of the photo produced doesn’t change the more you pay as all dye sub photo printers produce superb quality prints.

Usually the more you pay the cheaper the prints become. Back in 2005, HiTi launched the 730PS Series of printers and the printer was only £329. Prints were 70p for a 8×6. Today you can buy a Mitsubishi M15e for £350 and the prints are around 25p for an 8×6 and 12p for a 6×4 (prices correct May 2020)

By paying more as well as slightly cheaper prints then print speed usually increases and the printers have a roll of media rather than being sheet fed, the more expensive printer also prints a larger print range with the ability to print not only 6×4 but 7×5 and 8×6. The examples below illustrate this perfectly.

A little known fact is that there are a range of ideal dye sublimation printers available (and have been for many years) but they are little publicised and there is a very good reason. Inkjets dominate the home printer market because of one simple reason! – Printer manufacturers make a fortune out of the ink!

Tip – Use what the Pros use.

Professional photographers, studios and theme parks have always used Dye Sublimation technology because of the low cost, reliability and durability of the photos produced.

Dye Sub or Inkjet ?

We are all used to using Inkjet Printers on a daily basis but what are the main benefits of using a Dye Sub? In fact there are very many benefits but basically: Cost of Print, Quality, Speed and Durability. Take a look at the advantages of Dye Sub Photo Printers

Very affordable. Cheaper than the High Street!

It’s almost impossible to calculate what you REALLY spend on printing photos on an inkjet printer but Dye Sublimation changes all of that as everything you need is included in a box of media and you are always guaranteed a set number of prints which means calculating the price per print is simplicity itself. – The real cost of using your inkjet printer!

M15E – Our Best Selling Printer – Ideal for home use!

Prints 6×4, 7×5 and 8×6 with 6×4 and 6×8 from one media type! – Rollback and anti-curl technology – Large Capacity of 700 prints – Professional Quality photos in your home for only £349 + vat !

Dye Sub Photo Printers for Home Use

Whilst you can use any Dye Sub printer at home there are some models that are best suited for one reason or another. It’s usually the price point and the features that suit a home user that makes these printers most suitable.

HiTi P310W Printer
HiTi P310W

The HiTi P310W is a wireless stand-alone printer capable of printing 6×4 photos and is an ideal home photo printer but can also be used as a ID & Passport printer. The P310W has the ability to print wirelessly from a smart phone or tablet using the PrinBiz app.

£125.00 ex-vatInfo / Buy Now
Citizen CZ-01 right
Citizen CZ-01

Citizen CZ-01 4 Inch Photo Printer

£475.00 ex-vatInfo / Buy Now