Mitsubishi Electric Announcement

Mitsubishi ceases product development

Mitsubishi Electric who currently in 2020 had over a 50% world market share in the Dye Sublimation Printer and Systems market has announced they have ceased production of all their printer range. In a communication from the company they said

We regret to inform you that Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has concluded that the production of all of our printers and systems will be discontinued by March 2022. Of course, we, Mitsubishi Electric Europe, B.V., will continue service, technical support and media supply (paper and ink) during the period of use, with a target end of service date of 31st March 2030.

Mitsubishi Electric

System Insight has been authorised resellers, and an authorised service centre for a number of years, and it is with great sadness that we announce this news. We’d like to confirm that System Insight will service and support these printers for many years to come.

What does it mean for Mitsubishi users?

  • Will I still be able to purchase Mitsubishi print media/consumables?

    Yes – Print media for current Mitsubishi Photo Printers will remain available until 2030. Typically we see that most manufacturers will produce media for 10 years from the release date of the printer. If you're unsure where your printer lies, take a look at our chart below

  • Will I still be able to receive support for my Mitsubishi Photo Printer?

    Yes – System Insight will continue to offer support and repairs for Mitsubishi Printers for the foreseeable future. Naturally this is subject to the availability of replacement parts, but a lot of repairs don’t require them, and we do have a stockpile of parts should we need to use them. System Insight have been an authorised service centre for Mitsubishi, for as long as we have been resellers, regardless where you purchased your printers, we’ll be able to assist with printer repairs.

  • When will System Insight stop selling Mitsubishi Photo Printers?

    From March 2022, Mitsubishi will stop selling its printers to resellers. – The most up to date information we have, is that Mitsubishi Printers will no longer be shipped from Mitsubishi after March 2022. As of March 2021, no more printers will be manufactured, therefore Mitsubishi will only be shipping stock which they have already manufactured. System Insight will look to stock and sell a number of Mitsubishi Printers until at least March 2022. It worth saying that we can no longer guarantee Mitsubishi Printer stock, however, we’ll certainly assist with alternatives.

  • I was thinking about purchasing a Mitsubishi Printer, should I consider an alternative?

    There's no right or wrong answer here, it's a personal preference. Printers like the M1E and M15 offer great value for money, they're fantastic printers, the consumables will be around until 2030, and we'll certainly be stocking both for as long as they are available. Service and repairs will be available for the foreseeable, so it shouldn't put you off a purchase at this point.

  • Who would you recommend as an alternative to the Mitsubishi Photo Printers?

    System Insight has been selling Citizen printers since 2006 and they have an impressive line up of quality printers. Citizen is a global brand, with years of experience in producing some of the best photo printers (along with a range of other products). Citizen has printers to meet all requirements, with printers capable of 600dpi, high capacity, quick print speeds, low print costs, rollback technology and more and they are lightweight and come with print management software. Our full range of Citizen Printers is available to view on our website.

  • Will the Photo Print Me & Retail Kiosk Systems be available to purchase?

    We will have another announcement soon regarding these items and rest assured we believe this to be positive news. Photo Print Me is a great system and we hope to see it grow from strength to strength.