Event Photography

Event Photography is the process of offering a photographic solution at an event. In most cases, this involves either selling prints on the day with an instant photo printer, selling the photos online after the event, or providing the client with free prints for a set price.

Event Photography can be an extremely lucrative business with a high profit margin on photos sold.

So, where can I do it?

There is a wide range of possible events: proms, black tie, charity, sports, equestrian, corporate, parties, weddings… the list goes on. Anywhere that there are guests, there’s an opportunity for a photo solution!

Typically, events are held in the evening or weekend and range in size from 50 to 50,000 plus.

Who can do it?

If you’re already a studio or wedding photographer, Event Photography could be the perfect addition to your business and you could well find that you already have potential clients.

But really, anyone can do event photography, all you need is some basic equipment and a business mind. You don’t even have to be a photographer to start an event photography business! Our MD is a classic example of this. Stuart started an event photography business over 10 years ago and went on to provide the Souvenir Photography at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games!

What do I need?

Event Photography can be a relatively inexpensive business to get into, as most photographers will have the equipment needed, all bar an instant printer which can be purchased for under £1000.

Each particular event will have different requirements with regards to set-up, equipment, workflow and sales method. A typical event, such as a black tie event, will require very little in terms of equipment. Normally, a backdrop, stand, lights, camera, computer and a dye sublimation printer for on-site printing; together with a straight line workflow where guests have their photo taken and are ushered straight to look and purchase their photos. This type of event is completely different from something like an equestrian event.

Of course, one of the most important aspects of event photography is making money. But, some people get confused as to what they are offering guests – much of the time, guests are only paying £10 for a 6×8 photo, not £100’s for a studio sitting, which has implications for the management of the photo solution. So, we thought we would put together some helpful hints to get you started…

Useful Tips to Ensure your Event Photography Runs Smoothly

Print On-site

This is a far more effective and cost efficient method than delivering photos to your guests. Using a dye sublimation instant photo printer, you will be able to fulfil your customers’ orders quickly, with a fixed cost and, most importantly, on the night of the event. Printing on-site will increase the percentage of people who purchase a photo compared to selling online. This is simply because when a customer is at an event they are caught up in the moment and excited about the photo they have just seen, but as soon as they walk away from the event the interest drops. You should expect to see, on average, around 40% of guests at an event purchasing something.

Offer Offers!

Everybody loves an offer! Most typically we use ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free’ which encourages guests to purchase more than one picture – it’s very easy to see that this will increase your average spend. With an average spend of potentially £15 and a conversion rate of 40%, it’s easy to see why people get in to Event Photography.

Be Cautious of Selling Online

Many event photographers will print on-site and sell online. This can seem like a good idea as you get the customer who wants to purchase on the night, and other customers who want to think about it. The fact is, when somebody asks if they can purchase their photo online, what they are really asking is if they have to purchase it there and then. And experience tells us that by offering it online, you lose more sales at the event than you would gain from selling online.

Another advantage of printing on-site is that once your event is over, your work is done. Selling online makes more work.

KISS! (Keep it Simple Stupid!)

Many times the most effective way to set up and work an event is to keep everything simple. The last thing you want to happen at an event is something going wrong!

Take Back Ups

Always take back ups of all your equipment. It’s important to remember that anything can happen at an event.  Another suggestion is to test your equipment preferably a week before your event is due to start. If you find there are problems with your equipment, you will have time to rectify the problem. If you have Pro-Support give us a call. There is enough to worry about without having to try to fix something that breaks.

If you’d like to know more, we offer Event Photography for Profit Training Courses to enable anyone interested in this profitable area to be proficient in just one day!