Wireless Printing using your Smartphone

Wireless printing from your smartphone.

Dye Sublimation Printers with Rollback Technology have an ink “rewind” technology (also called Rewind Function) built to maximize ribbon usage when printing 4×6 photos using 6×8 ribbons.

It works by remembering which parts of the ribbon were only partly used when you print different image sizes (using 6×4 photos on a 6×8 ribbon.) When you then print another 6×4 print, the printer will rewind the ribbon until the unused part is located and use that part of the ribbon, so avoiding wastage. Rollback Technology uses the same Dye Sublimation Media as the rollback functionality is built into the printer and not the media.

Note: Some Print Modes may disable the Rollback feature and Rollback does not work if the media is changed.

Mitsubishi were the first company to use this technology in a compact Dye Sublimation Photo Printer.

Printers with SmartPhone Printing Ability

Mitsubishi D80 Printing showing rollback