Printers with Rollback Technology

Features: Rollback Technology

Dye Sublimation Printers with Rollback Technology have an ink “rewind” technology (also called Rewind Function) built to maximize ribbon usage when printing 4×6 photos using 6×8 ribbons.

Rollback Technology is not available on all printer models.

The Rollback (or rewind) feature works by remembering which parts of the ribbon were only partly used when you print different image sizes (using 6×4 photos on a 6×8 ribbon.)

When you then print another 6×4 print, the printer will rewind the ribbon until the unused part is located and use that part of the ribbon, so avoiding wastage.

Rollback Technology uses the same Dye Sublimation Media as the rollback functionality is built into the printer and not the media.

Note: Some Print Modes may disable the Rollback feature and Rollback does not work if the media is changed.

Mitsubishi was the first company to use this technology in a compact Dye Sublimation Photo Printer.

Video showing how Rollback works.

Current Printers with Rollback Technology

Mitsubishi CP-M15E

The CP-M15e is a very low-cost roll fed superb quality photo printer. It is ideal for the home or prosumer market. It prints 6×4, 7×5 and 8×6 prints and also features rollback and anti-curl technology. It has a very large print capacity of 750 (6×4) prints so also ideal for photo booths. Same superb build quality as all Mitsubishi Printers and comes with a two year warranty. PC and Mac compatible.

£349.00 ex-vat
Mitsubishi CP-M1E PrinterMitsubishi CP-M1E

The CP-M1E is a more expensive version of the Mitsubishi M15E although the media for the M1E is slightly cheaper. Superb results and great build quality. Prints 6×4, 7×5 and 8×6 with rollback and anti-curl technology built it. It has a large 750 print capacity (6×4) and can print 6×8 and 6×4 from the same media. Two year warranty and PC and Mac Compatible.

£570.00 ex-vat
Mitsubishi Smart D90EV PrinterMitsubishi CP-D90EV

The D90EV is a standard D90 with a special add-on to allow the printing of images wirelessly from a smart phone or tablet via WiFi. It is ideal for events and weddings. Very easy to use via a web interface. Supports 6×4,7×5,8×6 and 9×6 and panoramic prints. Works with PC or Mac and uses a variety of different media types for flexibility. The printer reverts to a standard D90 with the wireless unit disconnected.

£1,400.00 ex-vat
CP-D90DW Photo PrinterMitsubishi CP-D90DWThe CP-D90 is a compact quality dye sub photo printer. It supports 6×4,7×5,8×6 and 9×6 it also features rollback and panoramic prints up to 6×14 and 6×20. Works with PC or Mac and uses a variety of different media types for flexibility. It is possible to convert the D90 to a D90EV which then allows wireless printing of photos from a smart phone or tablet.  £795.00 ex-vat
Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-SMitsubishi CP-K60DW-SDespite having a DW-S suffix the K60DW-S can also be used with a PC or Mac. It is based upon the popular CP-D70DW but has interesting new features. It is possible to produce two different sized prints – 6×4 and 8×6 – from the same media whilst at the same time cutting down on media wastage.£579.00 ex-vat
Mitsubishi CP-D80DW Ultimate BundleMitsubishi CP-D80DWThe CP-D80DW keeps the compact and lightweight design of the CP-D70DW with measurements of 446 mm x 140 mm x 275 mm and still weighs in at only 12kg.£649.00 ex-vat
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