HiTi Photoshuttle

[insert page=’Legacy-snippet’ display=’content’][/vc_column_text][vc_message]The HiTi Photoshuttle has been replaced by the HiTi P310W – Search for HiTi Photoshuttle Media[/vc_message][vc_column_text]The HiTi Photoshuttle Photo Printer is a compact dye sublimation unit which prints 6×4″ images and can be used with Windows and Mac computers. The HiTi Photoshuttle can be used to print ID & passport images like other models in the HiTi range, however, it cannot be used stand-alone due to the absence of card slots and a hand controller.

To use this printer as a Passport and Photo ID Printer it will need to be used in conjunction with Photo ID Software such as ID Photos Pro 7.  The HiTi Photoshuttle is an ideal ID and Passport Printer when used with ID & Passport printing software.

The 6×4 prints are not only borderless but are waterproof, UV and fingerprint resistant. The paper used is almost tear-proof ensuring that your photo quality prints stay in perfect condition. Prints can be either gloss or matte finish and this can be selected using the easy-to-use PhotoDesiree software

Key Features

  • 2 Years Warranty
  • Windows and Mac Compatible

As with all HiTi photo printers the quality is superb. With the ability to print 16.77 million true colours, it’s no wonder that professional photographers use HiTi photo printers instead of conventional photo labs! What is missing from the Photoshuttle is the ability to use the printer in stand alone mode. You cannot print direct from your camera memory so you would need a method of getting your pictures from your camera onto your PC. You must have a PC in order to use this printer.

Print speed is fast printing a 6×4″ photo in only 45 seconds! This is significantly faster than older 600 series printers which took much longer – the 630PL took 130 seconds (2 mins 10 seconds) to print the same photo. At either print speed this is still faster than a lot of inkjet photo printers.

Quick Look at the HiTi Photoshuttle

  • Compatibility – Windows and Mac Compatible
  • Media – 6 inch roll fed
  • Smoother Definition – Text and images appear sharper
  • Versatile – Gloss and Matte from the same paper
  • Lightweight Design – Weighing only 5kg

A carry case is available as an optional extra if you want to carry your printer around. The unit is compact at 22.4cm x 21cm x 14cm and so will fit on even the smallest of desks. It weighs only 4.5lbs (2kgs). The 630PL is powered from the mains and will operate from 110-240VAC 50/60 Hz with a typical maximum power consumption of 150 watts when printing, this is much less when in idle mode.

Colour and Grey Scale Printing

HiTi Photoshuttle is capable of printing both colour (YMCO) and grey scale (KO) photo in 256 levels of colour to achieve a total of 16.77 million colours.

Magic Coating Technology

HiTi’s dedicated colour ribbons come with exclusive Magic Coating technology. The Magic Coating technology lays a protective and transparent coating layer over the photo once the colour sublimation process is complete. HiTi’s Magic Coating is water, UV-ray, fingerprint and smear resistant. This Magic Coating technology also provides an optional watermark function, which can be customized to personalize photos or used as a counterfeit protection.

Can be used almost anywhere

Using an optional 12V-240V inverter, the S420 can be used almost anywhere there is a 12V supply. This makes it an ideal portable unit.

New and Improved Consumables

The HiTi photoshuttle printer uses the exclusive new generation dye-sublimation consumables for improved colour reproduction, image quality and faster printing speed. New colour ribbon formula advances the colour characteristics and the new photo paper base enhances the image brightness. A transparent resin layer (Magic Coating) protects the photo against water, UV-ray, fingerprint, smear, oxidization and colour fading.

World Leading Output Quality

Utilizing HiTi Classic ColorTM technology, HiTi Digital Photo Printers have won DIMA shoot-out awards 4 times in 5 years for their outstanding quality and exceptional performance.The media and accessories listed below are suitable for the HiTi Photoshuttle photo printer.

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The following photo printers are similar offering prints from six inch roll media with print sizes from 6×4″ inch prints up to 6×9″ inch prints. Some printers may not offer all print sizes so check product details before ordering.