HiTi Photo Kiosks

HiTi Kiosk Terminals are designed to provide a complete photo gift solution for retailers, offering instant prints, ID photos and unique photo gift products. Examples of these include, Bookmarks, Posters and even Frame Photos. You can even print out images from your favourite social media sites including Facebook and Instagram.

Print sizes include 6×4″, 6×8″ upto 8×12″ with both matte and gloss finishing options to choose from.

With the integrated gift modules, customers can easily edit their photos and produce a range of photo gift products including, frames, greeting cards and much much more. Plus Customers have the option to print ID Photos

The HiTi Kiosks are compatible with a range of our HiTi printers including; P750L, P910L and the P525L.

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HiTi Photo Kiosks

Mars 12

HiTi Photo Kiosks

  • Comes with 1 years warranty
  • Compact Design – Suitable for Pharmacies, Stores, Supermarkets, Photo Studios and many other locations where Photo Kiosks
  • High Quality Results- beautifully vivid colours and deeper blacks than other models out in the market!
  • Outstanding Print Quality – Text and images appear sharper and more defined
  •  Versatile – Choose to print matte or glossy
  • Diverse Photo Printing Options – Print Passport/ID Photos, Bookmarks, Posters, Photos and much more.
  • Print Images from Social Media – Print photos from Social Media such as Instagram and Facebook.
  • Choose From A Range Of Different Print Sizes – from 6×4″ up to 12×8″ prints.
  • Compatible With: CD/DVD’s, Micro SD, USB Pen Drive, Compact Flash, Memory Stick Duo, SD, Memory Stick or Memory Stick Pro, Smartphone, Scanner, Facebook, Instagram,  XD CARD
  • Works With: HiTi P525L, P910L and the P750L.

You can choose from our wide range of  Photo Kiosk Terminals including the Libra 220, Mars 12 or the Mini Kiosk Solution.

HiTi Mars 12 Multimedia Photo Kiosk

HiTi Mars 11.6″ Multimedia Photo Kiosk is the perfect solution for shops, malls, events and much, much more. It is in fact an photo order station. Customers can quickly and easily upload their images through their chosen media (whether this is through an SD Card or USB Flash Drive example or anything else). Images are then transferred to the Mars 12″ Multimedia Kiosk, for example a memory card is docked into the station. Customers can then choose which photos to print and in which format. For example, an SD Memory card is connected, 15 images are selected and print in a 6×8″ format -perfect for an photo album. Easy as 1,2,3!

Mars 12:

  • Perfect solution for select, print, pay and go
  • Low Cost Solution
  • Easy Installation
  • Powerful Performance
  • Easy To Use
  • Incredibly Quick Printing Speeds
  • 11.6″  Touch Screen
  • Vast Choice of  Photography Merchandise
  • Compact and will fit any space
  • Print off images from social media such as Facebook and Instagram.

HiTi Mini Kiosk

Mars 12

The HiTi Mini Kiosk is made up of the P525L and the Mars 12. This will enable you to print wirelessly as well. It has the fantastic combination of the Mars 12 and the Libra 220 and also enables you print images from Facebook and Instagram.

Mini Kiosk Solution:

  • Versatile and Portable Kiosk
  • Vast Choice of  Photography Merchandise: including calendars, posters, social media prints and much more.
  • Compact and Lightweight System
  • Prints from 6×2″ up 6×8″
  • Prints Social Media images: Facebook and Instagram
  • Minikiosk- made up of the Mars12+ P525L


Libra 220

HiTi Libra 220 – 21.5″ Multimedia Photo Kiosk Terminal

Ways to make the Libra 220 Kiosk work just for you, is the ability to personalise your print. You can create custom frames that are loaded into the device’s memory and are there to use on the printed photos. Let’s say that you want a company logo in the lower right corner because you are hired as a photographer for the company’s event. The photographer takes a picture, and on the printed photo, the logo is down in the corner. You simply choose to include the custom frame in the printout. Then just print.

Libra 220:

  • A selection of Modules to suit your needs (Only pay for the functions you want/ need).
  • Easy Installation
  • Powerful Performance
  • Easy To Use
  • Incredibly Quick Printing Speeds
  • 21.5″  Touch Screen
  • Vast Choice of  Photography Merchandise: including calendars, posters, social media prints and much more.

Social Media and HiTi Kiosks

We are happy to post pictures on Instagram and Facebook and share our joy. but, we don’t always print them.And of course there is nothing wrong with that.  We want to show our friends and relatives what we’ve been to. We still simply love to photograph. But it is also, we like to capture and keep the moment. This is another reason why photobooths are perfect for weddings, so you can keep the memory alive an stored forever.

The expensive smartphone can be dropped in the water, it can be stolen or any other accident happens that makes the images unavailable. Instagram, is there for sure about 20 years? Much can happen, and the memories we want to keep can unfortunately disappear at any time. HiTi March 12 multimedia kiosk solves the problem. Embedded in the system there are features for printing images – instantly from Instagram and Facebook. Argurably, Real-life images are much more secure in a photo album there at home than in an uncertain cyberspace.

Here are a few different ways to an set up your  Hiti Kiosks and order stations:

Step One for HiTi Kiosk
Stage 2 HitI Kiosk
step 3 hiti kiosk

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