HiTi Photo Printer Range

HiTi Digital, Inc., a professional manufacturer and supplier of digital photo products and services, is well known for high-quality and innovative technology.

HiTi manufacture a wide range of photo printers and even produce a Dy Sub plastic card printer range.  They also make the worlds fastest Dye Sublimation printer

HiTi P525L Photo Printer

P525L – Print from your Phone, USB or PC

Prints 6×4, 7×5 and 8×6 with 6×4 and 6×8 from one media type! – Rollback and anti-curl technology – Large Capacity of 700 prints – Professional Quality photos in your home for only £349 + vat !

Founded in February 2001, HiTi has been highly praised for quality digital photo printers of ultra performance, stability and compact design. HiTi digital dye-sublimation photo printers have been awarded with 8 DIMA Digital Photo Printer Shoot-Out awards during PMA (Photo Marketing Association), one of the largest international trade fairs of the photo industry.  HiTi also offers professional image software designed for passport / ID photo format and photo card printers.

HiTi continue to create leading and innovative products such as Stand Alone Printers which don’t need a computer to operate, Passport and ID Solutions, Printers with built-in WiFi and Large Capacity Printers (over 1,000 images online at any one time).

HiTi also produce a range of Plastic Card Printers for single or doubled sided printing.

HiTi Photo Printers – Complete Range

Here is the full list of current HiTi Printers. For full details of their features and abilities click the photo below.

HiTi P310W
HiTi P310W

The HiTi P310W is a wireless stand-alone printer capable of printing 6×4 photos and is an ideal home photo printer but can also be used as a ID & Passport printer. The P310W has the ability to print wirelessly from a smart phone or tablet using the PrinBiz app.

£125.00 ex-vatInfo / Buy Now
HiTi P525L Photo Printer
HiTi P525L

The P525L has the ability to print from your Phone or Tablet via an optional WiFi module, USB Stick or Memory Card or from your PC or Apple Mac. It prints 6×4, 7×5 and 8×6 photos and also supports a variety of smaller sizes and can use HiTi’s perforated media. The P525L also has a multi-lingual LCD status display.

£599.00 ex-vatInfo / Buy Now
HiTi M610 Photo Printer
HiTi M610

The HiTi M610 is a high capacity photo printer capable of printing over 750 6×4 (375 6×8) photos without the need to change the print media. It can print 6×4, and 6×8 Photos

£725.00 ex-vatInfo / Buy Now
HiTi P910L 12x8 Photo Printer
HiTi P910L

The P910L printer combines premium quality images and high speed with print sizes from 8×4 up to 8×12. The P910L produces high-quality 12×8 photo in 35 seconds. It is compact and lightweight and is easy to carry. Compatible with Mac and PC.

£999.00 ex-vatInfo / Buy Now
HiTi P750L Photo Printer
HiTi P750L

The HiTi P750 is a high volume photo printer capable of printing over 1,000 6×4 (500 6×8) photos without the need to change the print media. It can print 6×4, 7×5, 8×6 Photos

£1,199.00 ex-vatInfo / Buy Now
HiTi P530D Printer
HiTi P530D

P530D is capable of printing both single and double-sided photos. It is a fully automatic duplex printer, capable of printing 6×8 double-sided prints in approx 68 seconds. It can print 6×4, 6×6 and 6×8 Comes with HiTi Photobook Master Software. Wireless add-on option available.

£1,250.00 ex-vatInfo / Buy Now
HiTi X610

The X610 is a Ultra High Speed One-Pass Tandem Printer which can print 2000 prints and hour!

£10,999.00 ex-vatInfo / Buy Now