Citizen’s CX-02W, the best wide format printer on the market…

The Citizen CX-02W is a wide format printer that has the capability of printing up to 8×12 or A4, with dedicated print media for each size. Using the 8×12 media, you’ll also be able to produce a wide range of print sizes including 6×8, 8×8 and 8×10. With print speeds for an 8×12 in under 40 sec, and with a weight of only 14kg, the CX-02W is the ideal choice for producing wide format prints. The CX-02W is packed with features to separate it from the competition.

The CX-02W is designed and manufactured by Citizen, meaning you can rely on the same robust, high quality and durable manufacturing that they use in producing their watches!

Citizen CX-02W Photo Printer

Key Printer Specs

  • Prints: 6×8, 8×8, 8×10, 8×12 & A4
  • Weight: 14KG
  • Print Speed: 39.2 for an 8×12
  • Operating System: Win 10 or Big Sur
  • Print Capacity: 110 8×12 or A4
  • Dims (W-D-H) 322 x 366 x 170mm
  • DPI: 300 or 600
  • Print Finishes: Gloss, Luster, or Matte

First Impressions

The Citizen CX-02W shares the same sleek, professional design as the smaller CX-02. The ‘W’ standing for wide format, means the CX-02W has an 8″ wide print head rather than a 6″ one, like the CX-02. This being one of the only differences between the CX-02W and the CX-02. The CX-02W is 5cm (2inches) wider, to account for the wider print head.

The CX-02W is a front-loading printer, meaning you open the front door on the printer to change the media. You’re also able to access the Thermal Print Head here to clean it. To change the media on the CX-02W, you simply insert two paper spindles into the paper roll, and the ribbon is loaded onto a tray. This system allows you to purchase multiple ribbon trays and paper spindle, to preload media for quicker changes. The snip box is easy to empty, it just slots into the front of the printer once you’ve opened the door. Be sure to empty this box when changing the media, or before transporting it.

There are four LEDs on the printer door: Power Light, Ribbon Light, Paper Light and Error Light. Check out the printer manual that details what each display. There is a USB interface allowing the CX-02W to be connected to a Windows or Mac computer. The USB, along with the Power connection is positioned at the back of the printer, on the right-hand side. They are both next to each other making them easier to locate. The Power switch is at the front of the printer, which is a lot more convenient than having it on the side, or at the back.

The fan system on the CX-02W allows for a dust-free environment as it sucks air in from the back, and discards it out the side. We’d still recommend regular cleaning of the printer and its printhead.

The Citizen CX-02W Specs Broken Down

Printer Design

The Citizen CX-02W is one of the smallest and lightest 8″ dye-sub printers on the market. Its dimensions are only 322(W) x 366(D) x 170(H) mm, which is smaller than most inkjet printers! Weight is only 14kg, which is only 2kg heavier than its 6″ cousin the CX-02. As Dye Sub Photo printers are typically used in an environment that requires them to be transported regularly, weight is a factor. If you are planning on using the CX-02W for a home photo printer, it won’t take up any more space than a typical inkjet.

There are alternative printers on the market that can hold more prints, such as the Mitsubishi W5000, however, it is a lot bigger and heavier, the W5000 is 29kg, 15kg more than the CX-02W.


The CX-02W features Citizens rollback technology, allowing you to produce 6×8 and 8×12 prints from the CX-02W 8×12 media pack, without any wastage. Sleep mode allows the CX-02W to reduce its power consumption by up to 98%.

Panoramic prints are possible with the CX-02W, with the ability to print up to 8×32! although this is only possible with an SDK.

Print Manager is available for the CX-02W. Print Manager is free software that monitors which media size is loaded in the printer and how many prints are left on the roll amongst other features. You have a Hot Folder function that will auto print any photo that you drop into it. That makes it ideal for a Print All event or PhotoBooths.

The CX-02W can produce an 8×12 in a little under 40 seconds, in comparison to a 6×8 print from the CX-02, this is about double the time that you would expect.

There’s a multitude of sizes that the CX-02W can produce. 6×8, 8×8, 8×10 and 8×12 can be produced with the 8×12 media, also with the rollback, you can produce 6×8 prints without wasting media. You can also produce A4 prints with specific A4 media, which print in just under 40 seconds. This makes the CX-02W a great choice for offering fast prints either at events, retail or at home. Without having to change media, you are able to produce a print with a Gloss, Matte or Luster finish, the CX-02W adjusts the final lacquer layer to give you a Gloss, Matte or Luster finish.

The CX-02W has a 300dpi print mode for ultimate speed or 600dpi for a high-quality print. Most dye sub photo printers only have the ability to print at 300dpi, which gives the CX-02W a significant advantage.


The warranty period is 2 years.

System Insight is an authorised service centre for Citizen, this means that if you experience any issues with your printer, we will take a look at it first. This typically means a much quicker turnaround time.

Citizen printers are widely regarded as some of the most robust and reliable printers on the market today, which is a major factor when looking to purchase an instant photo printer.


  • The CX-02W is one of the most popular wide-format dye-sublimation photo printers and is the ideal choice for anyone looking to increase their print size up to 8×12.
  • Based on the Mitsubishi CP3800DW, the Citizen CX-02W is the ideal replacement now that CP3800DW is discontinued, with media becoming end of life March 2024, read more about Mitsubishi’s withdrawal from the market
  • Did you know that Citizen actually designed and manufactured the CP3800DW for Mitsubishi, so the CX-02W is really the successor to the 3800.
  • The CX-02W has an impressive build calibre, proven reliability and one of the best print qualities in comparison to any other dye sub photo printer.
  • Ergonomics of the CX-02W are brilliant, the USB and Power slots are located next to each other at the back, with a Power Switch on the front.
  • Front loading make for a quick, convenient and non fuss media change
  • Citizen manufacture this printer
  • There isn’t a massive choice on the market for wide format Dye Sublimation Photo Printers, but out of them, the CX-02W get’s our vote.