Photo Media Print Sizes

Photo Media Print Sizes

Looking for details on how print media works, check out the about dye sublimation section

The size of media roll and ribbon dictate the maximum size that the media can be used for. So, with 6×4 media the maximum size will be 6×4, however with 8×6 media you can also print 6×4 prints.

Some of the newer printers use the newly developed roll-back technology. This means you can print multiple sizes on the same media roll. For example, if you are at an event and you would like to print 6×4 and 6×8, you can. Some printers already support the printing of 6×4 and 6×8 on the same media but they don’t reuse unused 6×4 media meaning a 6×4 and a 6×8 or 6×9 cost the same.

With 6×9 media you can usually print 6×9, 6×8, 6×4 and sometimes 6×2. It is also possible to use perforated media to print other sizes,

Dye Sub Print Sizes
CK3812 Print Media which will print 12×8, 10×8, 8×8, 6×8, 5×8, 4×8

We have printers that print 4×2″ which are the strips predominantly used in photo booths. 6×4″ which are used at most pre-paid events such as black ties or weddings. 7×5″, 8×6″ and 6×9″ are also popular print sizes at events. 10×8 and 12×8 printers are really good for sporting events like swimming and equestrian events.

A dye sub printer like the Mitsubishi W5000DW, is capable of printing on 13 different sizes and it’s also double-sided.