Loading Printer Media

Loading Photo Printer Media

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Loading media is quick, easy and clean. There are two components: paper roll or sheets of paper and a ribbon. There are usually supplied in the same box for nearly all printers.

It’s simply a case of opening the printer and removing the old paper roll and ribbon. Check your printer manual for details of how to open the printer to change the media.

With some printers the media is loaded from the front and others it is loaded from the top. This might make a difference when using the printer depending upon where it is used. For top-loading machines that are under a desk or in a flight case you might need to move the printer to load the media. On front loading machines loading the media in these locations is much easier.

Print Ribbon and Paper supplied together.

Ribbon and Paper are always changed at the same time for media types where both the ribbon and paper are shipped in the same box.

The ribbon will be completly used and one spindle will be empty and the take up spool will be full. The paper roll however will NOT be completly exhausted but should be replaced at the same time for media types where both are supplied in the same box.

Some ribbons come with the ribbon tray attached but some photo media just contains the ribbon and the ribbon tray is re-used.

Ribbon and Paper supplied separately.

If the paper and ribbon are supplied as different products then the paper doesn’t have to changed at the same time as it maybe be used at a different rate to the ribbon.

Ribbon Trays

Some ribbons come supplied in a tray or cassette and this is simply inserted into the printer. Some printers the ribbon tray is re-usable each time the ribbon is changed and shouldn’t be thrown away. Spare ribbon trays are usually available to purchase.

When changing your print media always ensure you empty the waste print clippings tray on your printer.

Paper Spools & Trays

Most paper rolls will need to be attached to paper spools before being loaded into the printer. These paper spools fit on each end of the paper roll. Paper spools are supplied with your printer but are also available as spare parts. Paper spools may also be supplied with spacers. These spacers are used when changing the media from a six inch roll to a 5 inch roll. Some older HiTi printers have a paper box which the paper is installed into. Sheet fed printers use a paper tray as the paper is supplied flat and not on a roll although these printers tend to be smaller for home use and lower volumes.

Print Ribbon with combined ribbon tray

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