Dye Sub Print Media

Dye Sub Print Media

All Dye Sublimation Photo Printers need special Photo Media to print. This usually consists of paper and film ribbon which are typically sold together and are designed for one type of printer. Print Media is sold in different Print Sizes.  Unsure of what media you require or of its availability? Call us for full product details on 01329 835500 or use our Livechat service.

P520 Media

Mitsubishi and HiTi Print Media

The majority of Dye Sub Photo Printers use Roll Fed Media although some (older) models use sheet fed paper. This is designed to match so the ribbon and paper will produce a fixed number of prints per ribbon. We stock Print Media for both Mitsubishi & HiTi Photo Printers. We aim to keep large stocks and are able to provide next delivery to most parts of the UK.

We supply a complete range of Mitsubishi Print Media for Photo Printers

We supply the complete range of HiTi Print Media for Photo Printers