Chromakey Backgrounds

How does Chromakey Photography work?Chromakey Backgrounds

A photo is taken of the subject against a green (or blue) backdrop. Next, using our VEGA software, the picture is merged with pre-defined chromakey backgrounds to produce superimposed photos. Showing  the customer in situations that would usually be impossible to achieve. Your clients could be walking on the moon, flying through the air or surfing the waves! With chromakey photography, the possibilities are endless.

Therefore, photographs can also be merged with a foreground image such as a logo or branding. The solutions are nearly always different for each client, however, we pride ourselves on helping clients select a comprehensive collection of suitable backgrounds. We can work with the client’s existing photo libraries or provide Professional Photographic Services to obtain the desired backgrounds. Background popularity can then be monitored using the Statistics from VEGA to ensure revenue is maximised.

Shown below are some of the images used at the Image Insight solution installed at the Chelsea FC Museum which give an example of some of the things that can be achieved.


Photo Backgrounds for Chromakey