Buy With Confidence

Buy with Confidence – Approved by Trading Standards

Buy With Confidence is a national register of Trading Standards Approved businesses run independently by local authority, Trading Standards departments. The scheme promotes the highest standards of trading and provides consumers with a list of local businesses which have given their commitment to operating in a legal, honest and fair way.

Here, at System Insight, we are more than proud to have been members since 2005, when the scheme was in its infancy.

The Buy With Confidence Scheme was created by a partnership of the Local Authority Trading Standards Services – a ground-breaking step, in response to concerns about ‘rogue traders’ which are often highlighted in the media.

Trading Standards Buy With Confidence at System Insight
Trading Standards - Buy With Confidence at System Insight

To become an approved business under this scheme, businesses are carefully vetted by a professionally qualified Trading Standards Officer. We have undergone a series of detailed checks before being approved and we are continually monitored. In this way, the integrity of the scheme is maintained and you can be sure of receiving a quality service.

The Buy With Confidence Scheme gives customers the confidence that the business they are dealing with is fair and honest; we are not just complying with the letter of the law but, more importantly, the spirit of the law.

Follow this link for more information about the Buy With Confidence Scheme and its list of approved businesses.