Popular Mitsubishi Printers

The following printers are the most popular sellers with us at System Insight. This gives you an indication as to what people are buying and what are the most popular Mitsubishi Printers.


Top Selling Mitsubishi Dye Sublimation Printers:

  • Mitsubishi Smart D90EV – The new compact design of the D90EV allows easy transportation and installation in any space. It is so easy to use. Set-up your printer and just take care of the photos. Now with Direct Wifi Printing. The Mitsubishi Smart D90EV is a fantastic high quality dye sub photo printer designed for event printing. Mitsubishi have created a new stand alone printer with cutting edge technology, where guests at events can quickly and easily print their photos via a smartphone or a wifi equipped camera. You can even print a selfie! Instant Printing has become social!


  • Mitsubishi CP-D90DW –   Despite its compact design, the printer can hold a large quantity of paper thus enabling high volume printing. This event solution also produces prints with smoother definition so that text and images appear sharper and clearer. It also has roll-back technology just like the CP-D80DW. The CP-D90DW can print 4 different print sizes from a single roll of media and without any wastage.


  • Mitsubishi CP-D80DW – The Mitsubishi CP-D80DW printer which boasts 4 print sizes from a single roll of media with zero wastage. With the same benefits as the D70, the new rewind feature makes this printer a fantastic addition to the Mitsubishi  dye sub printer range.


  • Mitsubishi CP-D70DW – This is Mitsubishi’s most lightweight and compact printer which boasts some of the cheapest running costs on the market. This is our best selling printer and our first choice for on-site printing at our own events and is ideal for booths.


  • Mitsubishi CP-D707DW –  This double decker dye sub printer is the only one of its kind and boasts some the fastest prints speeds and cheapest running costs on the market. It enables you great versatility and doubles the print capacity making it perfect for large events and booths.


  • Mitsubishi CP-K60DW-S – This is Mitsubishi’s newest printer and showcases their impressive roll-back technology, enabling you to print both 6×4 and 6×8 prints from a single roll of media with absolutely no wastage! With the same lightweight and compact design as their successful D70 printer, the K60 offers you the next level of versatility and is ideal for all printing solutions, event and retail.


  • Mitsubishi CP-3800 – This larger scale printer produces incredibly high quality 10×8 and 12×8 prints with a very low cost per print. Its small footprint and lightweight design makes it a fantastic addition! 10×8 and 12×8 are perfect for sporting events such as equestrian and moto-cross. Or alternatively you can use it for launch and VIP Nights.



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Mitsubishi CP-D707DW
Mitsubishi CP-D707DW