Panoramic Photos with a Dye Sub Photo Printer

It’s now possible to print your Panoramic Photos on a Mitsubishi D90 or Smart D90EV Photo Printer.

The D90 has the Panoramic feature built into it’s Windows Drivers (hopefully the facility will be added to the Mac Drivers soon) although you might need to update the firmware of your printer beforehand.

In fact over ten years ago Mitsubishi were the first manufacturer to offer the ability to print Panoramic Photos on their printers and a little known fact is that some printer models had this facility.

Panoramic Prints printed on a D90 Dye Sub Photo Printer
Panoramic Prints printed on a D90 Dye Sub Photo Printer

Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about printing Panoramic Photos

Do I need special media to print Panoramic Photos on my Printer?

Any printer with the facility to offer Panoramic Prints will be able to print them on standard media, so no special media is needed for this functionality.

Do I need special software to print Panoramic Photos?

No special software is needed as the standard print driver is used to print these type of photos, so you should be able to print from almost any software package where you can create a custom page size.

What sizes can I print?

The D90 and Smart D90EV can print 6inch x 14inch prints (6inch x 20inch is under development)

How does the printer print a Panoramic Photo?

The print process is the same as printing any other photo except that as the print is printed it doesn’t get cut inn the usual way until the whole Panoramic Print is produced.

What are the costs of a Panoramic Print on a Dye Sub Photo Printer?

Depending upon the size of the print a Panoramic print would only be two or three times the cost of a single print as it would use twice or three times the amount of consumables.

Is this facility available for Mac and Windows machines?

Currently only Windows is supported for printing Panoramic Prints. Hopefully the Mac Printer driver will be updated in due course.

Which printers support Panoramic Photo Printing?

Not all printers support this facility. A list of printers which can print Panoramic Prints is shown below.

Current Printers capable of printing Panoramic Prints