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Mitsubishi CP-D80DW ID Bundle

The Mitsubishi CP-D80DW ID Bundle combines the flexibility, reliability and inexpensive running costs of the Mitsubishi CP-D80DW printer with the simple and easy-to-use ID Photos Pro 7. Gone are the days when you purchased an expensive Passport system with a clumsy camera and slow/expensive printing. This bundle revolutionises the way we look at producing ID and Passport Photos. Unlike the ID70 which comes with the CP-D70DW-U that can only print 6×4, only works on the Mitsubishi EasyID Kiosk and has expensive prints, the Mitsubishi CP-D80DW ID Bundle allows you to quickly process your passport image in under 20 seconds and print in under 10 seconds. What makes this bundle so great is that you can incorporate an existing Windows PC and digital camera, reducing the cost of the system. Not only that, but if your camera or computer breaks, you simply purchase a new one rather than a whole new Passport system. There are lots of choices on the market for ID and Passport systems, so here at System Insight we have thought about what our customers really want: a flexible, cost effective, reliable and easy-to-use Passport and ID System.

ID Photos Pro ID Photo Software

Key Features

  • 2 Years’ Warranty
  • ID Pro 7 Software Included
  • 7×5″ Spacers Included
  • Rollback Technology
  • New Image Processor
  • Power Saving Mode

The CP-D80DW comes with a brand new image processor for a much sharper print. Also, Mitsubishi have added memory to increase the processing times. This is particularly useful when either using older computers with low RAM or when printing in large quantities, this is because the CP-D80DW can process the images rather than your computer.

The CP-D80DW has a compact and lightweight design with measurements of 446 mm x 140 mm x 275 mm and a weight of only 12kg. Despite this, the D80 can still hold up to 430 prints enabling high volume printing. It also takes up only 40% of the volume space of the previous CP9810DW printer. With easy-to-change media and low maintenance the CP-D80DW really is one of the best printers around.

Quick Look at the CP-D80DW

  • Compatibility – Windows and Mac Compatible
  • Media – 5 or 6 inch roll fed
  • Multiple Print Sizes – 6×4″, 7×5″ and 8×6″
  • Smoother Definition – Text and images appear sharper
  • Versatile – Gloss and Matte from the same paper
  • Lightweight Design – Weighing only 12kg
  • Compact Size – The same size as the CP-D70DW & CP-K60DWS
  • Fast – Prints a 6×4″ image in under 8 seconds!
  • Rollback – Prints 6×4″ and 6×8″ from the same media

Quick Look at Id Photo Pro 7

  • Supports over 160 ID photo formats
  • Fast photo loading with full screen preview
  • Auto-Biometric
  • Photo Correction
  • Colour control

IdPhotos Pro 7 is an advanced but easy-to-use tool designed for automatic image processing of passports, visas and any other ID photos so that they meet the specific requirements of international ID regulations.

Unlike any other graphical software, IdPhotos has been made especially for ID photography. That is why it is one of the fastest and most precise tools on the market.

If you are looking for a simple yet powerful solution for printing your ID photos with full biometric support then IdPhotos Pro 7 is the answer.