Photobook Software

HiTi have a created a fantastic Photobook Software that allows you to print a completed double sided photobook, in just 10 minutes. It is as easy as 1, 2,3! Select the size prints you require, select the theme, select the photos, edit and then print.

This Software is available with the Libra 220 and the Mars Kiosk.

The Photobook Software is a great addition for

  • Retail Environments
  • Photo Shops
  • Web-base Photo Book Service Providers
  • Wedding Photographers  (i.e wedding albums)



Whats New with the Photobook Software

  • Compatible with – The Libra 220 Kiosk and the Mars Kiosk
  • Supported Languages – English, Spanish, Portuguese,
  • Print Sizes  –  Prints 6×6″ and 6×8″ Photobook Printout Sizes
  • Volume Of Pages – Minimum 20 pages -Maximum 40 pages
  • Various Editing Functions Available – Including Templates,  Adding Photos, Choosing Different Backgrounds, Adding Pages, Photo Editing and Adding Text.
  • Free Templates – Choose from a variety of Different Templates to choose from.

Want to see our wide range of HiTi Printers? – You can choose from our wide range of  printers that are stand alone, wireless and can even print up to 12×8″ images.


photobook image one
photobook Software Examples
Photobook Example 2
step one of photobook

Select the Photobook Function on HiTi Libra 220 or HiTi Mars Kiosk. On the home page, there is a range of Categories including:

  • Photobook
  • Photos
  • ID Photos
  • Frames
  • Fun Photos
  • Photo Calendars
Choose your photobook size images

Select Photobook sizes- choose from a 6×6 Photobook or a 6×8 Photobook

Step 4 of the photobook

Select a Photobook Theme:

  • Kids and Babies
  • Travel and Vacation
  • Daily Life
  • My Own Photos
Choose Your Photos

Select Photo Source and Select Desired Photos.  The Photo Source supports : Memory Cards, Blue Tooth, CD-Room, Facebook .

A Photobook will be automatically created once you have selected the theme and the photos.

You can also add more photos to your photobook. Photos already used in your Photobook will be marked and shown on the left, users can click add photos to import more photos to your current Photobook.

Detailed Editing Functions available:

Adding editing functions available: undo, redo, adding text, adding pages, adding photos, and photo editing. (Contrast, Colour, Filter, Scale, Rotate etc).

Changing Templates:

Users can click on the page they want , and can select a different template to change the layout of the page(s).

Changing Backgrounds:

Users can change any background and can even use their photo(s) as the background image.

You can click Switch Pages to rearrange the order of the Photobook.