Smart D90EV Accessories

A wedding, party, convention, sports event, a festival, or
graduation? You have been employed to provide something truly memorable for that special event.  You have all your equipment ready to go.
The place is been decorated beautifully but, do you really want to hide your equipment in the corner? You don’t have to worry about this anymore with the Mitsubishi Party Accessories.
The Smart D90EV Party Accessories open up a world of possibilities and allows you to provide a new and exciting range of possibilities for your clients and guests.

Smart D90EV PartyBox


Smart D90EV Accessories

  • Perfect For Any Event – Including Weddings, Graduations, and other special events.
  • Buy a Hashtag Licence Instantly Print and Upload your photos to social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram.
  • Smart D90EV Trolley- Place your Smart D90EV and accessories into the stylish and lightweight  Trolley Case.
  • Customise your Mitsubishi PartyBox –   Make your printer unique and tailor it to your event. Customise the outside with images, stickers and promotional images of the event – i.e. Cath and Dave’s big day.
    You can also add logos, brands and adverts to your own
    prints to personalise for each occasion.
  • Make your printer a feature – Put the Partybox (with the Smart D90EV inside) and place on top of the PartyStand to create something unique.
  • Put the Fun back into Printing!-Fun Formats: Strips, Polaroid & Instgram Square styles ,Perforated paper: 10×10 + 5×10 cm (Polaroid /
    Insta Square + mini strip), 7.6×10 cm (mini Selfie), Post Card: unique & outstanding. Traditional Media 10×15, 13×18, 15×20, 15×23 cm.

Want to see our wide range of Mitsubishi Printers? – You can choose from our wide range of  printers that are stand alone, wireless, rollback and can even print up to 12×8″ images.

With the wide range of Party products, printing really becomes a huge attraction at your event.

Imagine being the photographer at a wedding for John and Cath. You have taken the professional photos from day and now it is the evening reception. You have set up your Smart D90EV so that guests can print their fun and memorable photos throughout the day and now into the evening. But, the printer is no longer placed in the corner of the room. Instead the Smart D90EV can be placed in your personalised party box- which can be decorated and personalised to your bespoke event. You can personalise the top header in a number of ways; you can use it as a point of sale, instructions or even with the details of  actual event or day.

You can choose to have the Partybox as a desktop solution i.e. you can leave it


on the side or in the middle of the table as a centerpiece. Guests can instantly using their phones, tablets or wi-fi enabled connect to the printer and print out their images in seconds. Also with the new hashtag option on the Smart D90EV (with the hastag licence) you can upload your images straight onto social media such as twitter or instagram and share the event far and wide.

As an alternative why not add the Partybox to the Party Stand. This will create a Totem layout.

The Party Stand with the dimensions of (w) 29.5cm x (d) 30.5cm and (h)30.5cm. Partystand

Adding the Partybox to the Partystand helps to create an alternative to a photo booth.  You can create fun prints with fantastic props, and choose which prints to have.  You can then create a photobook for the bride and groom with your fun prints . You can keep one photo for yourself to keep and the other can be placed in their photobook and also uploaded online of  #John&Cath’sbigday.

Both the Partystand and the PartyBox are easy to build. There is no needs for tools, instead there is an easy, assemble guide for customers to do it themselves.  You also don’t have to worry about cables standing out.  You can secure the cables inside the stand and the box, making it look cleaner and regarded as safer. The Smart D90EV works easily in both the PartyBox and the PartyStand  and you can even use a catch tray.

Another fantastic accessory for the Smart D90EV is the Mitsubishi Trolley. 

You can easily transport your Smart D90Ev to and from your event in a stylish and professional Trolley Bag. You can easily wheel it to and from your event. smart d90ev trolley

Let instant printing become part of your party with the Smart D90EV and the Party accessories.

Smart D90EV Accessories

smartd90ev accessories

Try it for yourself and amaze your clients and guests – Rent a Smart D90EV or book yourself a Smart D90EV Demonstration and see for yourself!

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