Customer Testimonials

It’s all very easy for a company to say how good it is but the “proof of the pudding” is what existing customers think.

We are lucky in that over the last 25 years plus we have had many customers who have praised us for the help and support they received and it’s this type of thing which we thrive on.

Here are a few examples below.

Fantastic Course worth every penny (Marketing for Success Training Course)

What can I say about this course it was great! People kept saying to me that your photos are great, why don’t you sell some? I thought yeah I could do that, But with no previous business history I set up and thought it’s easy, but I wasn’t selling much. lacking the confidence to charge although I have a mass of experience dealing with people. Having attended the course it has given me the confidence to know I can do this. The team were fantastic, the laid back way they imparted their knowledge was fantastic and I felt at ease throughout the two days. Yes if your going to attended the Event course then do attend the marketing course it would be a big mistake not to.
I have come away knowing which direction I am going and the equipment I need (they don’t try to sell you equipment they give you the knowledge to know what you need).
Since I have come home my knowledge has already given confidence to approach two new clients on the Wednesday and both have agreed to give my services a try.
Cheers for the great two days will be in touch soon to let you know how I have done.

The hotel is a great venue as well very helpful and very clean.

– Kev Swain

“I first used System Insight to help me with  my first big event. Although I have practised as a professional photographer for several years, I was new to on-site printing technology. I was impressed with their help and advice from the onset and found their pricing structure very reasonable. The printer was delivered on time and in excellent condition and was then collected as arranged. It was a very simple piece of kit to operate. If I did have any questions their technicial help desk was readily available. I would not hesitate to use System Insight for my next event and recommend them 100%”

– Lucy Mooney – Photographer

“I’m glad I purchased the Pro-Support when I purchased my Mitsubishi Click System. I had a problem with my printer that took Mitsubishi SIX weeks to resolve and System Insight lent me a replacement printer all the time mine was being repaired. They even arranged it so that I could collect it on a Saturday Morning as I had an urgent job. I must have saved over £700 in rental costs by having my free loan printer and it has allowed me to keep earning money from my equipment. Well worth the small investment”

– Peter Martin-Turner

Superb Service!

I recently purchased a printer for on-location use, specific to a laptop PC. Being a Mac user I had difficulties installing the Mitsubishi driver on Windows 7. One simple phone call to System Insight had their people take remote control of my computer and within minutes everything was working.

My sincere thanks go to all at the company

–  Brian Carter – Photographer

“I used these guys to provide a Sub Prime Photo printer for an evening event. They were absolutely spot on and talk all the hassle out of the rental experience. Ed was personable and listened to what I needed and made good suggestions.

The kit itself turned up promptly,did exactly what it was supposed and was duly collected a couple of days after.

All in all – excellent service, excellent product and price was competitive too. Happy client! Well done.”

 – Rollo Hawkins

“This company has been my main port of call since 2008 when I started my event photography company. They are a great team of people, they understand if the the situation is urgent and they do get back to you. They know what they are talking about. Steve is great, so much knowledge, really nice guy too. Cath and Ed are really nice as well. Competitive on price too with advice you can trust.”

Frances Newman, Photographer